Review: DHC Medicated Acne Care- Pore Cover Base

Watsons sent me the Pore Cover Base from DHC awhile ago.
DHC Medicated Acne Care  Pore Cover Base

Its purpose is quite similar to Revlon's Beyond Natural Smoothing Primer which I blogged previously (You can read the entry by clicking [HERE]), such as it helps to cover uneven skin and pores while giving your skin surface a natural finish. BUT BUT BUT... Additionally, this product is a makeup base specially designed for acne care. It contains concentrated olive oil and Artichoke leaf extract for skin nourishment and acne care.

Therefore, on top of using it as a makeup base before you pile on your face concealer, foundation and powder, its other purpose is great for those who wants something for their acne concern too! Hooray!~

In my opinion, the base really feels very smooth to the touch, something like a waxy feeling. It does an excellent job in concealing my pores and my makeup lasts longer whenever I use this. The absorption capability is quite good too, so you do not have to wait for more tha mere few minutes, before continuing with the rest of your makeup regime. Overall, I feel that this product is worth a try, especially if you want a makeup base that has ingredients to battle your acne problem! :)

DHC Medicated Acne Care  Pore Cover Base

Sidetrack abit...
I discovered a lovely nail shade! It is the OPI's Strawberry Margarita!

As most should know, I love having red nails. This has been how it is for years.
I myself have no idea why I'm entering into the 'Pink zone'.
I started choosing pink shades for my last few manis. It is so NOT Feliza.
But then again, if people and feelings can change... Preferences can change too.
So hearts get broken, and tears dropped...
And yes, I am saying this to something in particular.

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17 July 2011 at 16:10

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