Philips Living Space. Lovely creative lighting!

Recently, I attended the Philips Living Space event, where Philips showcased their innovative, creative and lovely lighting solutions. It was an event for their partners and media. It was a cosy and intimate event that was enhanced with the lighting displays.

Philips Living Space

Well said, Mr YSL! :)

This was one of the products that were showcased - LUMIWARE Vase.
Wireless charging capability, rainbow color changing.


LUMIWARE coasters... colors can be changed too!

I was really amazed by all the lighting, as I didn't know of such lighting products from Philips till I attended this event, as all these while I was only aware of their table lamps and bulbs. I am especially intrigued by this particular product from Philips - LivingColors LED Lamp. I stood there playing and adjusting the colors, hues and brightness 'for I-dunno-for-how-many-minutes-but-for-quite-some-time'. Having this LED lamp in the living room or bedroom definitely add a new kind of atmosphere to the area. I liked the LED Lamp product the most, followed by this other product that was showcased - Reading Light.

This Reading Lamp is really interesting as it is actually a flat acrylic piece whereby a LED lamp is installed to it. The design was made in a way that it can actually 'hang onto' your book. Certainly good for those who has to read in the dark or dim places. Example: You wanna read your favorite novel/magazine on the bed, but your partner wants to sleep and he/she can't sleep if you leave the room light or bedside lamp switched on. This will come in really handy! I was interested to get this product after learning that it is already available in the market. And little did I know, it was given to me in my media kit bag! I only found out about it when I reached home that night. What an AWESOME surprise!!!! This retails for SGD99 by the way.

Gosh! I am so happy to have this!

Not that I am a brand-loyal customer, but somehow I realized that I have quite a number of consumer goods by Philips. Somehow, I think my Mum is prone to buying Philips too? I don't know why! :p For myself, I have 2 hair dryers, 2 hair epilators, 1 hair straightener, 1 hair curler, 1 handheld vacuum cleaner and 1 table lamp. My bro has 1 DVD player for himself. Our family's vacuum cleaner, home theater system and juicer are also from Philips.

And my parents even have this InfraCare infrared lamp.
Supposedly to relieve pain and stimulates blood circulation.

Philips 02

I think epilating is better than shaving, if given only these 2 options.
Philips 03

Philips 01

These 2 were bought for me by Bbb.

Hair Curler, which I have not used till now.
But I started using my straightener already (But no pic of that).


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21 July 2011 at 23:17

Even the mask can't cover your beauty. You just too beautiful. D3lonely

22 July 2011 at 06:57

You are spot on about Philips. It seem they have been slowly building up their brand over the last few years by coming up with quality products and partnering with other established companies like Braun and Avent.

23 July 2011 at 01:36

You look so seductive in that "a happy day" photo. So beautiful and sexy as usually. And your today outfit look so great on you too. You getting more attractive. From the first day I follow your blog, you already look very cute at the age of 16, and anyone who follow your blog will find it hard not to attract to you. You not only very beautiful in your photos, but in real life, you're just beautiful, your dry hair can't cover your beauty. Beautiful, sexy, cute plus sweet voice is what feliza ong look in the outer layer, but after follow your blog for so many years, I guess what make you so special, attractive and seductive is your outer cover and the story of you. You are just a babe with the look that kill and also with brain. D3lonely

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