Eat well.Be well! Cedele lunch~

Few weeks ago, I was in Orchard and I arranged a lunch meeting with my friend. I wanted to have something healthy but I couldn't think of any cafe/restaurants in town which offers healthy food selection. Was it that difficult for me to think of one such place? Really??? :-/ But anyway, I went through that brain and memory of mine and Cedele was it.

The Cedele by The Baking Depot offers a good range of healthy and quality food for the health and diet conscious. Natural and organic ingredients are found in their salads, soups, sandwiches, cakes and more. And when some of the dishes require that little bit of sugar, Cedele uses organic unrefined sugar.

Between the both of us, we shared this Burmese Shan tofu salad.
This tofu salad is authentically made with balsamic vinaigrette and fragranced with fresh coriander leaves, garlic and onion flakes. I LIKED THIS ALOT!

We both ordered leafy green salads for ourselves.
My lunch partner had the Tuna Salad.

And this was what I ordered - Shrimp, avocado and tofu mix salad.

A salad that consists of shrimps, avocado, iceberg and romaine lettuce salad,
with homemade miso dressing.

I also ordered a glass of the ABC juice.
A = Apple
B = Beetroot
C = Carrot

Do you know of any cafes/restaurants that offers healthy and yummy food selection?
Preferably using healthy, natural/organic ingredients?

Do share with me! :)

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30 July 2011 at 12:18

You always look so sexy and pretty. D3lonely

31 July 2011 at 12:00

Like the green dress you wear, it look so beautiful on you. Those who saw you wearing it must be very blessing. In the photo you are already very attractive and I sure in real, you will be even more attractive. D3lonely

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