Dell Access Program

On a recent Friday evening, I went for a Dell event for the Dell Access Program launch, that was jointly presented by Intel. It was held at Art Trove, a place where beautiful art pieces are admired and displayed. The venue was indeed very suitable for the event, especially where both are parallel in being creative, brilliant and innovative.

Dell Access Program Launch Event

The Dell Access Program was conceptualized to bring together brand advocates, influential media personalities and other key influencers to form a synergistic, passionate community that matters. With such a program, like-minded people can leverage on this exclusive platform to exchange ideas, discuss trends and to be among the first in the region to obtain the latest news and information from Dell.

The Dell Access Program is currently 'by-invite' only, and I am glad to be part of this as it means that by being a member, I can expect to receive a string of activities and announcements around the region in the coming months way before most people (Eg. Those not in the Program/media/Dell).

Of course, there are exclusive privileges that will come along with it... For example, we could own the Alienware 14x at a VERY good price - A price that was so awesome that I was really 'gian' to buy (especially since I am a gamer and one should know that Alienware laptops are "The One" which combines mobility and ultimate gaming performance)!

Alienware laptop

But alas! I did not buy the Alienware 14x as it weighs 3kg. Initially, I thought I would be able to accept the weight in exchange to experience a mind-blowing gaming time. However my preference for slim and light laptops had me to decide against the purchase.

Somehow, it seems like I have to compromise... Like how one has to compromise in life-related matters. If I want a good gaming laptop, I have to accept the weight and bulkiness. If I want a slim and light laptop, I probably have to accept it being not that good in terms of gaming performance. If only there is a laptop that is of the 'best of both worlds', that will be such a delight! Oh well!~

Speaking of slim laptops, I have to tell you about the Dell Vostro V130! This 13-inch laptop comes in silver, black and HOLY MOLY.... in my favorite color: RED!!!! It is one of the lightest and thinnest ultra-portable laptops in the market right now. I was blown away by the sleekness and design of the V130. on top of it, it is the first ultra-thin laptop that offers the Hyper Baric Cooling technology, which is an Advanced Cooling Technology by Intel.

With its cover closed,
the thickness of the Dell Vostro V130 is the same width as my index finger!


When I saw the Vostro V130, I was really blown away by it. In comparison to the V130, my company laptop (Dell) that I am using is bulky and heavy (but with newer specs). It is something I am not used to since all my personal lappys were usually slim and lightweight. Yes, I love slim & light laptops so much that I ever got myself one that cost $3,999 as it was one of the slimmest and lightest lappy in the market back then. Thus, the V130 seems like "THE" laptop for me for work purpose. Imagine slotting it into my handbag? Makes bringing it to meetings and work trips easier too~ :p

Ok, enough of my gushing over the V130. Since this model has been out in the market for quite some time now, I will probably wait and see if they will release a newer model with improved features in the coming months... And hopefully, they will have it in red, which may entice me to get it for myself. :p

Check out Geng Hui checking out the Vostro V130.
Check out the hot model too~ :p


And this is currently the thinnest 15-inch PC in the market - the XPS 15z!

First in a series of new thin, ultra-portable laptops from Dell this year, the XPS 15z is a combination of uncompromising performance and luxury-inspired craftsmanship and design. The design is indeed sleek and sophisticated and supports one's mobile lifestyle without weighing one down. Super awesome or what?

There were also other Dell laptops on display such as the Inspiron 14R and 15R that delivers incredible mobile entertainment, high-definition displays and outstanding battery life. On top of that, there are interchangeable lids that you can switch whenever you feel like it to suit your mood or personality! :)


We were also treated to a performance by Randolf Arriola, using the Dell Streak and an Android app. Also, we were amazed by the live artwork demostration by TraseOne! Indeed, this event combines creativity, design and technology into one. I can't wait for more of such Dell events that will be coming up! Will certainly share more with you guys in future~ :)

Me, home after the Dell event :)

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