Latest Clothes Purchase!

Despite how busy the past 3 weeks were for me, I managed to do some shopping... Online shopping, that is! So here's the pics of what I bought. Can't wait for it to be shipped in! ^_^

From Aeropostale...
Aeropostale Black Polo
Aeropostale Lotus (Pink) Polo
Aeropostale Studded Pocket Henley Navy Night

Pencil dresses/skirts are the classic 1950s fashion, and during that era, ladies had fuller figures. And I realized my choice for dress styles/cuttings lean towards those in the 50s, such as pencil dresses and those dresses with A-line/Princess cut which the style is of a slim waist and wide skirts (it was first introduced in the 50s by Christian Dior, but was considered immoral in that era of rationing as it was just after a war)... But I prefer mine just above knee length, not the longer length of back then.

From ASOS...

Chelsea Rebeliiion 50's Pencil Dress
ASOS Chelsea Rebellion 50s Pencil Dress

ASOS Pencil Dress with Cowl Neck

Ben Sherman Polo for him.
Ben Sherman Tipped Romford Polo Shirt

From Victoria's Secret...
Victoria's Secret Three-quarter sleeve cross front tee
Victoria's Secret Triangle Bikini Set
Victoria's Secret V-neck Henley Tee

Also from VS... But bought this in black (see the next pic after this).

I also bought some undies from VS...
But ain't putting up pics for that.
Or maybe I should wear 'em and take pics. KIDDING!

Other than clothes, the other online shopping that I did was at! Together with my friends, we bought a total of 12 Queen Helene Oatmeal N' Honey Natural Facial Scrub and 6 Mint Julep Masque! And if you wanna know what products can help with your acne, you can check out this blog post: Click [HERE].


But I totally forgot to add in my order for rose tea when I did my order at!!! I have been planning to get rose tea so that I can drink at work.

So far, I only have this box of caramel truffle teabags at work (also bought from,
and the 3-in-1 milk tea. *groans*

Simply can't wait for my loots to arrive!
Happy weekend to all of ya~ :)

3 Response to Latest Clothes Purchase!

12 July 2011 at 23:43

You are so beautiful in your gym attire, guess those who work out with you can't really focus. You just too pretty. D3lonely

14 July 2011 at 00:24

You look even more pretty with your new hair cut. D3lonely

15 July 2011 at 22:44

You really getting more and more pretty and sexy. D3lonely

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