Strawberry Wax, Brazilian Wax. Strip it!

Strip (aka Ministry of Waxing) invited me to a brazilian waxing session recently. The waxing session was done at Mandarin Gallery, which was perfect since I planned to go for my threading session at Browhaus (also under Strip, and is located just beside it) after I was done with the brazilian wax that evening.

Strip at Mandarin Gallery

I was looking forward to this waxing session as it was not just the usual waxing that was done on my intimate area (my VJJ area), but something yummy and delicious was applied onto it...

Yes... STRAWBERRY wax... Yummy!! :p

So I was shown to a room to get changed...

With a cute cushion to hug if one feels scared/pain...
(But seriously, it was not pain at all. Will tell you why.)


Ah.... That's me in the mirror~ :)

Let's give our VJJ a wipe before we get on with the wax yah? :)

The strawberry wax is the latest offered by Strip...


There is also the lavender wax...

And the chocolate wax (As Yummy as strawberry right?!) too...

When I was taking this picture, boy I could smell the pleasant smell of strawberries!
Don't you think it looks like some strawberry yogurt/ice-cream? :p


The strawberry wax was formulated to be super soft and easy to apply, and packed with the healing powers of chamomile and aloe vera to calm and soothe one's skin. So for all you Brazilian Wax virgins, you need not fear that you may experience much pain when you decided to strip it all off! What's more, this strawberry wax reduces much discomfort and pain when virgin hairs are removed, as compared to the traditional wax.

Honestly speaking, striping all off always makes me feel pretty much carefree.
Also, I think my personal hygiene level increased by 200% whenever I go the Brazilian way... It makes everything easier and cleaner especially during my period time.
Moreover, it probably add some spice beind closed doors.
So why not strip it off? :)

So this was my wax therapist who was (1) professional, (2) experienced, (3) swift in her action, to pull out the hardened wax *Thank God, otherwise it will be awfully pain*. My threshold level for pain is quite high, and since B-waxing is not something fearful/painful for me, so yes... I took the photo (as seen below) while she was waxing for me.


After the wax, she applied the ampoule content on my VJJ area. This ampoule, named 'Peace', helps in moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and slows down the hair growth over time.

The Ampoules come in a box packaged like this.

Other than the strawberry wax, there are the strawberry body butter and scrub too!
Absolutely love~~



Sidetrack abit... I absolutely dig the mirrors at the counter.

So much so that I took a photo of myself.. :p

Noticed that I was carrying something in the picture above?
It's my awesome goodies from Strip, and it contains the new Brazilian Virgin Kit!

(And yes, that's edible Hershey's Kisses chocolates, Chupa Chups lolly, and the old-school Yan Yan strawberry/chocolate dip biscuits! Awesome or what!?)

Packaged in a purple Lego-inspired box, the new Brazilian Virgi Kit contains samples of their after-care products like their signature X'ed Out Cream to treat and prevent ingrown hair, Ice Cream to soothe & rejuvenate the skin, Peace to soothe the skin after the treatment (which the therapist used it to apply for me earlier on), Strawberry Body Scrub and Body Butter to exfoliate and moisturize the skin.

The usual price for the Kit is S$25, but it is now retailing at a cool price of S$15.
Till 31 July 2011.


Strip is committed to remove all the forests... One Brazilian Wax at a time!
So they have a special promotional offer of 30% off for your 1st B-waxing with them.
At the price of S$58 (before GST). Offer valid till 31 July 2011.


So are you waxed yet? (^_^)


3 Response to Strawberry Wax, Brazilian Wax. Strip it!

12 June 2011 at 21:26

You always look so pretty but it so long since you last update with a clear photo of your beautiful face. However any photo with you always look super attractive. The black spaghetti and the pink dress sue you a lot. You getting more and more sexy, more and more pretty, more and more attractive,i guess now even more hard for guys to not seeing you. You just too sexy, princess. D3lonely

16 June 2011 at 00:53

You are beautiful, very beautiful, and super beautiful. D3lonely

10 May 2012 at 13:23

strawberry wax was developed to be extremely smooth and simple to use,more then Bikini or Brazilian Wax.
brazilian wax uk

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