La Vie En Rose, says Edith Piaf.

I was blown away by the movie "La Vie En Rose" after watching it the first time. It was a film that depicts the life story of the French icon, Edith Piaf. So inspired, so in love and in awe with Piaf, her life and her songs, I got the movie DVD which I watch every now and then over the years. I also shared this love of mine with my partner, which he too appreciates her songs especially.

When I discovered that Sing'theatre was putting up a performance show in tribute to the French's greatest popular singer, I knew I had to watch it! So with Bbb, we spent our recent Saturday afternoon at the DBS Art Centre, to be taken on a journey into Edith Piaf's life through songs sung by Denise Tan, Robin Goh, Angela Scundi and Hilde Holme. Oh, and our "Singapore Boy", Hossan Leong, was the lead and narrator, and he also sang too! And I was surprised that he could sing really well!

And I also have to add that the music played by Elaine Chan, Chee Wah Yong, Lee Lin Chow and Julian Wong made the whole performance a complete one! The director of the show, Nathalie Ribette, has done a great job in putting together the wonderful cast and musicians to bring out such a magnificent show!

The performance... As titled "NO REGRETS: A tribute to Edith Piaf".

Our French date: 07 May 2011 at 4pm.

Where we sat at...

While waiting for the performance to start... :)

Hossan Leong gave a splendid narration of Edith Piaf's life. Through the impressive singing and voices of the other performers, I was taken on that journey which I have been looking forward to, by picturing the going-ons in the life of Edith Piaf...

Indeed, Edith Piaf meant it when she ever mentioned, "I want to make people cry even when they don't understand my words". You see, I only understand basic French, thus despite that I don't understand most of her songs, it was emotional enough to make me cry when I heard the following 2 songs...

The Three Bells/Les Trois Cloches (It was sung in English).

My God / Mon Dieu (Sung in French).
I knew the English lyrics and the meaning behind this song... So when I heard the moving tune, I was so moved and touched till I dropped tears.

There were, of course, happy tunes that were sung... Afterall, Edith Piaf had her 'ups' in life too... Songs like 'Milord' and 'Mon Manège à Moi' reflected it all. During the 1.5 hour of performance, I could not help but to feel even closer to Edith Piaf. Though it has been 48 years since her death, she still remains somewhere in the hearts of her fans, including Bbb's and mine.

In Edith Piaf's life, it was all about love. She sang about love and she lived for love, which reminds me of a scene in the La Vie En Rose movie which I would like to share with you: A young and pretty American journalist was interviewing her on a sunny beach while Piaf was knitting (her favourite hobby since young, by the way.). And this was part of the interview questions and answers...

If you were to give advice to a woman, what would it be? Love.
To a young girl?
To a child?

'If there is one word that can take the place of Paris, it is the word Piaf',
says Marlene Dietrich.

Edith and me... At TCC at The Pier, after the performance.

Bbb and me~

Carried this Roberto Cavalli clutch on that day.


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21 May 2011 at 17:38

You always look so pretty and sexy. Even your dry hair can't cover your beauty, miss all those post of you, those beautiful photos of you will surely add more joy to other. You are just like a drug, always can't get enough of you. D3lonely

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