Review: DHC Acerola Trial Kit

Awhile ago, Watsons sent me the DHC Acerola Trial Kit. I did not have the chance to use it till recently when I went on my holiday trips, where it is more convenient to bring travel-sized bottles instead of the full-sized ones.

 DHC Acerola Trial Kit

Acerola is very rich in Vitamin C and is tailored to fairness concern. Vitamin C has much benefits such that it brightens a dull complexion, reduce the appearance of open pores, control acne and discourage breakouts, and most importantly.. Promotes healing and lowers the risk for scarring.

And when I found out that this series contains the acerola ingredient... I was looking forward to try it out! Especially so since acerola helps in collagen synthesis and improving our skin elasticity, and it contains 34 times MORE Vitamin C than what's found in a lemon! By the way, the DHC Acerola Brightening series is more suitable for oily/combi skin as it is too 'heavy' for us, living in this tropical country that may trigger the over-production of sebum! :)

The trial kit consists of the following 4 items (and that lovely case!):
 DHC Acerola Trial Kit

(1) Deep Cleansing Oil: It is the same as the one found in the DHC Sube Sube Trial Kit (which I did a review before, click [HERE] to read what I think of it).

(2) Mild Soap: Similarly, do click [HERE] to read my review for this product. In my previous review, I mentioned that my only gripe regarding the mild soap was that it comes in a soap bar form which I was not used to and that I preferred bottle/tube packaging.

Here is an update of what I think.... Well, I prefer the mild soap bar from now. It is especially compact and small in size that it does not waste precious space in the luggage, as compared to cleansers that are usually stored in a bottle/tube. By bringing the mild soap for travel, it is one less liquid item to pack into your cabin luggage since it is not in liquid form (which also means I can maximise on the liquid allowance!). I know I can check-in my luggage, but when you are on business tirps, sometimes it is better to just carry the luggage onboard the plane.

Anyway, for my previous Mild Soap bar, it lasted me close to two months, and that was just the trial size. Imagine if you buy the normal-sized bar? Totally bang for your buck! ^_^

(3) Acerola Lotion: This is the toner that is to be used after cleansing. The main ingredient is the acerola berries, which contains one of the richest natural sources of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is very effective in helping your skin to prevent visibly uneven skin tone, fine lines , skin dullness and other signs of premature ageing, due to the free radical damage caused by overexposure to the sun or pollution. Since I started using it from the last week of May, I feel that my skin looks more radiant. Not sure if it just me, but somehow I feel refreshed and cheerful when I pat on the Acerola Lotion onto my face using my palms. Perhaps it is the light and refreshing feeling of the toner, or the pleasant scent that gave me those positive feelings.

(4) Acerola Gel: A moisturizer that is non-greasy and non-sticky at all! The remarkably-high Vitamin C content is something that I simply love! And it lock in moisture, which is something really awesome since dehydrated skin can lead to acne too! :( Just use an amount about the size of a 10-cent coin and you are good to go! :)

I have to say that the DHC kit was definitely very convenient to bring on trips and its products were really nice to use. In fact, I will recommend this, rather than the DHC Sube Sube Trial Kit. But of course, it still depends on your skin type and needs. :)

DHC skincare and supplements products can be found in selected Watsons stores!
You can check out more of my Watsons-related posts [HERE]. :)

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Hi Pretty,

There is so few update from you since you change your job.

I am very curious and envy as what kind of job you are working as? You alway get to travel.

Care to share what is your occupation? :)

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