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One of my recent lunch that I had with Bbb was at Spizza. Spizza has several outlets around Singapore and I was dining at the branch located in Jalan Kayu. What I like about this branch is it is usually quieter in the afternoons. Good for romantic couples, catchup session with your pal and even for that business lunch.

We arrived at about 1.45pm and we were the only diners in the air-conditioned area (We had the whole place to ourselves! Hooray haha!) while another 2 diners who were sitting in the alfresco area. But you won't want to sit there on a sunny afternoon and with construction trucks and buses zooming past you, for sure! ;p

We each ordered the Nabucco, which is actually
Cream of Wild mushrooms soup, topped with bread croutons.

'Nabucco' wild mushroom soup from Spizza

The soup was creamy which we both prefer. It was surely a savory starter as the soup retained the dark intensity flavors of the wild mushrooms. But it could be better if it was less saltish.

And for our mains, we ordered a 12-inch large Pizza, that was wood-fired, for sharing. What I liked about the pizza menu in Spizza is the pizza assortment, where the pizza are named after the names of Italian women from alphabets A to Z, except W and Y. I have no idea why they skipped on the alphabets 'W' and 'Y' though. I still remembered the time when I came here for lunch with a friend a long time back, I 'declared' that I would try all the pizzas in the menu, except for the ones that have the chilly ingredient in them. Sad to say, I have not accomplished that so far.

The Pizza Menu

We ordered the Katerina pizza, which was made up of
Tomato, Mozzarella, Beef Carpaccio, Rucola and Shaved Parmesan.

'Katerina' Pizza from Spizza

Whatever that was used to make this pizza are
what I like most in my pizza, especially rucola!
So choosing Katerina was a natural choice for us, the beef lovers.

'Katerina' Pizza from Spizza

The pizza crust was not the super-thin type, but it was crunchy at least. The amount of tomato used was just nice and the beef carpaccio was tasty and tender. And do you know carpaccio is actually raw meat and was invented in Italy way back then?

Spizza at Jalan Kayu:
269 Jalan Kayu
Tel: 6481 2453

Open Daily
12 pm to 2.30 pm
6 pm to 10.30 pm

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9 March 2011 at 22:58

Looks so delicious! I've never seen Nabucco before. Interesting.

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