Win 1-year supply of products or giftcards with Watsons Spin The Wheel!


Watsons turns 23 this year! And they are inviting you in their birthday celebration with this fun game called Watsons Spin The Wheel!

***WIN ***
1 year supply of health and beauty products
Watsons Gift Cards (value of $23).


All you have to do is...
(1) "LIKE" the Watsons Facebook page (Click HERE to visit page), if you have not done so.
(2) Then click [THIS LINK] to Spin The Wheel.

I tried spinning, but I didn't win anything. You can try spinning the wheel DAILY, by the way. :p There will be 5 winners daily, and 4 chances to win the Grand Prize. And even if you did not win anything, you will still receive something --- And that is, awesome and informative health and beauty tips such as the one seen in the image below! :)


The Watsons SPIN THE WHEEL contest is urrently ongoing till 08 April. 2011.. Just keep spinning... Just keep spinning... ~~~ If you manage to be one of the winners, do leave me a comment! I will be so glad to hear it from you! :) And Watsons is having amazing deals this month in celebration of their 23rd anniversary! Do check them out at your nearest Watsons store! See ya!


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