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Remember that I mentioned that I would be testing out certain products that I got from the Watsons workshop recently? Here's what I think of the Pure Beauty products that I received! :)

Pure Beauty Youth Restore skincare line

Pure Beauty is a brand that believes in using one-of-a-kind natural ingredients for their products, while engaging the help of advanced technology to bring forth products that assist us in our mission for beautiful youthful skin, yet thoughtfully pricing it reasonably. All the products are Made in Korea and are dermatologically tested! :)

You probably have seen the Pure Beauty's Pomegranate and the Super Brightening range in Watsons stores, but have you seen the latest range? The Pure Beauty's Youth Restore with Black Pearl Skin Care line! This range of products was created to specially combat the first signs of aging, helps to diminish dark spots, reduce wrinkles, boost elasticity, restructure and revitalize our skin's stem cells. One more thing I HAVE to add is that advanced nano technology was used to create the products! :)

This line consists of a cleansing foam, toner, essence,
eye cream, day cream and night cream.

Pure Beauty Youth Restore skincare line

I remembered tweeting this a few months back, "Just when i thought that visiting Tahiti one day will be so awesome, it'll be fantastic if I have a black Tahitian cultured pearl item.". And that was because I came across some Tahitian culture pearl jewelery pieces and I was attracted by the enchanting color and brilliance of these pearls.

Btw, the only pearls naturally black in color are the Black Tahitian Pearls.

So during the workshop, when I heard that this particular Youth Restore skincare line uses the Tahitian black-tipped pearl, I was really surprised! Why so? Cos firstly, I did not know that it can be used as an ingredient for skincare products, and hey hey heyyyyy~ I have gotten several black Tahitian pearl items (only difference was that it was not the round little pearls, but skincare products! LOL~).

Want to know about the ocean's best kept skincare secret? :p

Lemme share with you what I think of these products!
Pure Beauty Youth Restore skincare line

Pure Beauty Youth Restore Cleansing Foam with Black Pearl
Pure Beauty Youth Restore skincare line

And no, the contents are all white in color...Not black like the Tahitian black pearls. :p
Pure Beauty Youth Restore skincare line

When I first opened the cap, there is an additional silver foil which I had to peel off first. This was certainly a plus point. As I rub the cleanser on my face, I realized that it did not foamed up to the bubbly type, instead to a paste that's white and somewhat sticky. But I have to say that it really cleans well as I got that 'squeaky clean' feeling while rinsing off the foam.

After rinsing it all off, my skin felt smooth to the touch, no signs of oiliness and my skin felt no tightness. Perhaps it was due to the face that the Pure Beauty Black Restore products have been tested and made to be ideal for all skin types! :)

There was also no strong fragrance smell. And apparently, this cleansing foam contains a unique formula that helps the skin to retain moisture and suppleness while gently removing dirt and excess oil (Something like the Hada Labo's Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Wash).

Pure Beauty Youth Restore Cleansing Foam

After the cleansing foam, the next step is the
Pure Beauty Youth Restore Toner with Black Pearl.
Pure Beauty Youth Restore skincare line

After I cleansed my face, I dropped a few drops of the toner onto a cotton pad and gently smooth it all over my face. I always feel that it very important to use a toner as it not only helps to brighten and tone my skin, it also helps to remove any remaining impurities from the skin. Additionally, with this nano technology used in this product line, the toner is able to penetrate deeper into the skin. My face is not the sensitive type, hence my skin was fine despite using it, as this toner contains alcohol. The toner also helps to prep my skin for the next skincare step!

So once I am done with the toner,
the Pure Beauty Youth Restore Essence with Black Pearl is next! :)
Pure Beauty Youth Restore skincare line

Though this bottle is the smallest size compared to the cleansing foam and toner, BUT this is the signature product of this line! The essence aids in smoothing out fine lines for a more youthful-looking skin. This is due to the high concentration of SYN-COLL, a unique collagen booster. With this extract, I can look forward to firmer and supple skin. But as I always feel that facial essence is a product rich in its content ingredients, I only applied a small amount of it, dotting on several areas on my face and then massaging the essence into my skin in circular movements. It absorbs rather well too.

The advantages of SYN-COLL... :)

This is how the essence looks like. Translucent.
Not watery nor sticky, the texture was just nice.

Pure Beauty Youth Restore skincare line

Eye cream is something that not many use despite knowing the importance of it. Like in the case of the Pure Beauty's Youth Restore Eye Cream with Black Pearl, it helps to smooth fine lines around the eye area while reducing puffiness, with the help of the high concentration of unique SYN-COLL extract. This extract also promotes skin renewal around the eye contour area. There was also a silver foil that I had to remove before using the eye cream.

Dotting the Pure Beauty Youth Restore Eye Cream with Black Pearl around
the eye contour. Afterwhich, I massaged the cream into the skin using my fingertips.

Pure Beauty Youth Restore skincare line

The eye cream does not feel oily at all, in fact it absorbs very well into the skin. I like the fact that the Black Pearl extract helps in hydrating the eye area. But this eye cream contains certain types of alcohol, which some may not welcome. There is a slight pleasant smell which I like. This cream would have been more awesome if it comes with UV Protection as it will help more in preventing aging around the eye area (think fine lines, elasticity loss, etc).

Pure Beauty Youth Restore Day Cream and Night Cream with Black Pearl
Pure Beauty Youth Restore skincare line

This range has two types of moisturizer, whereby one is to be used as a Day Cream and the other as a Night Cream. Both are white in color and I felt that both have strong absorption capabilities. Both helps to regenerate aging skin and provides the hydration that the skin needs. There was no strong fragrance and I like how it did not leave a sort of 'oily, shiny film' on my face after application, which some moisturizers did. Oh! And both of them contains hyaluronic acid, which is an ingredient that provides hydration to the skin, thus giving a healthy look to your skin! :D

The Day Cream restructures the skin cells during the day, which helps in increasing skin metabolism and hydration levels. It also has a type of amino acid which strengthens the skin to resist damage from external environment (Example, the free radicals). The Day Cream does not come with UV Protection, thus after applying it, I had to slap on my face sunscreen. On the other hand, the Night Cream nourishes the skin during the night, boosting skin hydration and enhance the skin's restorative abilities.

I am actually not a fan of skincare products that are in a bottle/jar packaging as I feel that it is rather unhygenic to have my fingers in them. So usually, I would use the back of a small plastic spoon (Like those spoons that come with the jelly pudding sort? I would specially set aside one of such spoons to use for beauty products.) to scoop the content from whichever jar first.

After using the products from this range for about 2 weeks, I can say that my skin does not feel as dry... My skin feels firmer and hydrated. I like how smooth my skin feel after using the cleansing foam. I did not have any breakout when I was using this. Though a breakout did happened eventually, but I would say it was related to my period rather than the products.

I also love the design of the products, as it has the shimmery look.
So pretty and galactical! You must really see it for yourself and you will know what I mean!
Pure Beauty Youth Restore skincare line

You may wonder if this range may be suitable for you especially if you are only in your 20s, and you may think, "NAH! I am still young", but do you know that this range helps to combat the FIRST SIGNS of aging? You need not actually wait till you are in your 30s to start using anti-aging product. :)

And since the Youth Restore range is for anti-aging, I got my Dad to try it out since he is very much into skincare. So one fine day, me and my Dad was having a skincare session together at home. After he tried all of the products under this range, he said he like the cleansing foam most and will most probably purchase this once the current tube is finished. :p For myself, I like the cleansing foam, toner and eye cream most.

However, I feel that this may be a one-off period trial, so most probably I may pass them to my parents to use (which I feel these products will be appropriate for them since they consist of anti-anti capabilities). But I will keep the eye cream to use as I think it really helps in hydrating my eye area, and also because I feel my eye bags seemed to have lightened too! As much as I understand the fact that I should start on anti-aging products, but I know there are more pressing problems that I have to handle with regards to my skin condition... Cos truth to be told, I do suffer from occasional acne breakouts, and that is what I would like to solve most at the moment, so this is the reason why I may not continue to use it. I really have no idea when I will stop facing these acne issues, but with time I will know. :-/

So if you feel that you want to give the Pure Beauty Youth Restore range a try,
and attain that timeless and luminous skin...
They are available exclusively at Watson's stores! :)

Pure Beauty Youth Restore skincare line

Pure Beauty Youth Restore with Black Pearl Range Price List:
Cleanser: S$18.90
Toner: S$18.90
Essence: S$21.90
Eye Cream: S$21.90
Day Cream: S$18.90
Night Cream: S$18.90
** Price is accurate as of 08 March 2011 **

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Very nice review - well written Thanks so much !

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Thanks so much for this well written review ! WEll done !

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