My Healthy Addiction

Once or twice a week is not enough anymore. It starts to become an addiction. I finally realised why he feels weird whenever he stops doing that for a few days (such as when he is sick, etc.). It is not an obsession that I am having... Afterall, I do not think of it all day and all night long. Neither do I think of doing it every single day. But I realised three times is the minimum in a week. If not, I feel weird too.

Perhaps it was the influence of him!
The guy whom has been so into this form of activity even before I met him.

And if so, I can't be more thankful.
Who doesn't want a healthy lifestyle?
Moreover, it is 'couple time' spent together...
Be it at the gym or running along the road. :)


Running is the easiest thing to do since it is possible to run simply anywhere. But what I dislike about is the uncomfortable feeling at my chest area, if you know what I mean. Take for example, when I was on my way to my breakfast place this morning, I saw a lady who was jogging. Her ample chest was bouncing up and down (which reminds me of the scene in the movie 'Click', however visualise her twice the size of the lady in that scene). Wouldn't that be uncomfortable? Proper sports bra is definitely important, and I bet she was wearing a normal bra. *ouch*

All these years, I have only been swimming, cycling or running with him. When we are at the gym, I never enter into the weight training zone. I always regard it as the 'Men area' where men push themselves to carry all those weights and making those groaning sounds like "Urgghhhhh"... "Oooof"... and lots more. But guess what? I have finally entered it for the first time! This year! And I am beginning to familiarise myself with the resistance training machines, all thanks to him! :)

Currently, my fitness goal is to increase my lean muscle mass so as to decrease my fat percentage. I also want to increase my upper body strength. With that being said, yes... I know I may gain a few kilos. But chotto matte.... That's not weight gain from fats, but from muscle mass gain! Why? For muscles is heavier than fats! And to complement my resistance training workout, I do cardio too, mainly by running or using the elliptical trainer (also known as cross trainer). It is better with the cross trainer than treadmill IMO, at least there's not much bouncing involved (very uncomfy alright~). I also like using the cycling machine, but my butt hurts after 30 minutes on it LOL! But as the saying goes, "No pain, no gain"!! :p

What is your fitness goal for this year? :)

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14 February 2011 at 00:45

You look so pretty in your gym wear. Very sexy. Those who trained beside you is so blessed. As for uncomfortable feeling at your chest area, may cause you trouble, but it also show off your beauty. Guess even you build up the muscles or not, make-up or not, you still very attractive, and very pretty. You really born to be pretty and sexy. D3lonely

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