Chinese New Year, River Hongbao 2011

After watching the 'No Strings Attached' movie last week, I had my dinner at Plaza Sing, before heading to the River Hongbao event at The Float @ Marina Bay. This event has been held for 25 years already! We reached the venue slightly past 10pm, thus most of the retail/food stalls were closed. Thankfully, there were still the amusement park (thrilling/scary) rides, CNY displays and the lightings! :)

This year is a special day as it is the Year of the Rabbit.

This reminded me of the particular Beer TVC where a giant rabbit came out of nowhere and 'bounced' the Boss away so that the workers can continue with their drinking.

I really have nothing much to type about for this post. Honestly.
So let the pictures do the talking for this entry. :)









I didn't have any coins with me, but Bbb had. So he was my sponsor since I really wanted to hit the bell with the coin. It was more to prove to Bbb that, "See! NPCC". I did not manage to hit it on my first try (After all that aiming of the coin and estimating the direction of the wind). Just before my second try, I told him that he had to ____ if I managed to hit the bell. And within that next 2 seconds after I said that, I threw the coin and I MANAGED TO RING THE BELL! Mad awesome! And Bbb was shocked. Hehe!

Call me Miss Awesome. Haha!

The whole 'Ring The Bell' thing reminded me of this song which I listened before.
Not sure if any of you heard before, it is 'Ring My Bell' by Anita Ward.
And yes, I was not yet born when this song was released.

God of Fortune

One last photo before we left. :)

Taken at Plaza Sing, after dinner.
This was what I wore that day, and do you know cobalt blue is the current color for now? ;)

Home Sweet Home

Ok, thats all! More posts to come soon.. See ya! :)

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18 February 2011 at 12:49

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