Shaw Theatres Premiere. Feel as special as a Premier.

I know I have never blog about my visits to NEX. However, if you do [Follow Me on Twitter], you would have known that I visit this mall about 3 to 4 times weekly, and sometimes even twice a day! My visits are mainly for meals, a lil shopping, the AWESOME bubble tea store which they serve ROSELLE pearls and not those made from tapioca... And most importantly, for MOVIES.

As a 'North-Easterner', you can't imagine how delighted I was when I learnt that there would be a cinema in this area. For usually, I had to go to either GV Bishan or Cathay Ang Mo Kio if I want to watch a movie nearby. Thus, when the Shaw cinemas opened on the FIRST DAY (02 December 2010), how can I NOT catch a movie on its opening day itself? And yes, it was Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale, in 3D format.

Since then, I have been catching a movie at Shaw Nex quite regularly... Even my parents start to go for movies on a regular basis (either for their own dates or with us kids tagging along LOL!).

Other than being the first few moviergoers on the cinema's opening day last year, do you know that I recently had the ULTIMATE movie experience at Shaw NEX? Shaw NEX introduced something new, and I was one of those who got to indulge in it first! *wink wink*

SHAW NEX Premiere

Oh yes, Shaw Theatres has introduced two premiere movie theatres which provides a premium cinematic experience to their discerning audience. There isn't a need to head down to the city should one wants to experience something of such class and exclusivity anymore, since Shaw has made the brilliant move to have it in a sub-urban area (which is VERY accessible btw). They are the first to do that too!

How premium?

*** The premiere experience starts ONLINE.
If you were to book for a premiere ticket online, a special page was created just for you to do just that >> []. You aren't booking on the usual booking page.


*** Feel the premiere experience even at the ticketing office!
A dedicated counter just for you to purchase or collect your premiere tickets!
SHAW NEX Premiere

*** Shiny shimmery ticket stubs that are different from the usual stubs!
P/s: This is the most outstanding ticket stub in my collection for now. Yes, I keep movie tickets of movies that I watch with him. ;p

We watched Rabbit Hole, starring Nicole Kidman.
I loved her ever since I saw the movie 'Bewitched'.

SHAW NEX Premiere

And I like this song by Nicole Kidman and Robbie Williams~ :)

Based on my previous movie sessions at Shaw Nex, there would be a staff who would tear half of the ticket, before you get on the escalator to head towards your respective movie theatre. So I was handing over my ticket to the staff when he told me to head straight up as the 'check-in' was on the upper level. I was pleasantly surprised! :)

Once I reached the upper level, I was greeted by this:
SHAW NEX Premiere

Two staff came forward to usher me towards the premiere entrance where they greeted me and tore off the ticket stubs. They led me into the dining area which had a contemporary design and warm ambience, where premiere movie patrons can have their food or drinks just before their movie.

SHAW NEX Premiere

With its extensive menu, one can indulge in the finger food or premiere Signature mains before or DURING the movie. The drink menu looks good too. Gimme a Martini! :p

The Truffle Fries looked so delicious, even though it was just a picture! I think it's $10?
SHAW NEX Premiere

This is the Shaw Theatres premiere movie theatre.

Each premiere theatre has 48 comfortable seats that were made of deluxe leather and an extra 50cm of legroom space! The seats are definitely wider than the normal ones and very soft... The seats can be adjusted to a comfortable position to your liking, via an automated control at the side of the seat... Where the seat can be reclined backward while the leg rest comes up at the same time. I think I can fall asleep in such a cool luxurious setting, while being covered under a freshly laundered woollen blanket that are replaced after each screening. But why would I sleep when I have my hot movie date beside me and we could even snuggle under the blanket together? ;)

Me and my Hot Date

It will be nice to bring your date to a movie experience such as this. Bbb had ever brought me to something similar to Shaw Theatres premiere (GV Gold Class), but it was all the way in Vivocity, which was rather far from where we both live. Thus, the Shaw Theatres premiere theatre is located very conveniently for both of us! :) In case if you are wondering, it IS possible to lean towards your partner and have your arms intertwined despite the armrest in the middle of both seats. It may be uncomfortable for some of you, but we are rather used to doing that (when we aren't able to get couple seats at times)...Moreover, Love has no barrier. :p

You see that lighted thing in the picture below?
SHAW NEX Premiere
That's a small little lamp attached to the dining menu, just in case if you would like to order something while the movie is being screened and the theatre is dim. No need to whip out your mobile phone to use as a source of light. :) In addition to that, once you have decided what to order, there is a 'Call' button to get the staff's attention to take your order.

premiere tickets are priced at $20 for off-peaks and $25 for peak periods. And yes, the premiere theatres screen 3D movies too - $25 for off-peaks and $30 for peaks. For such a premium experience, price is just a small factor. Don't you agree? :)

Shaw Theatres premiere experience begins at NEX from 17 February 2011!

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You must be a theft that steal the heart of many or the killer that stop many from breathing. Always so beautiful and sexy. You look very attractive really, D3lonely

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