Shopping for Bbb! And Fitness Wear for Me?

ASOS isn't only just for the girls...
I got a Sexy Bastard for Bbb, and 2 other tops.

FYI, Bastard refers to Ass too. So Sexy Bastard = Sexy Ass.
And that's what Bbb has. :p

Can't wait to receive it!
And on top of that, I just made an order on ASOS for myself last night!
YAY to lovely haul!!! (^_^)

Recently, I have been going to my gym in town about 3 to 4 times a week and I have been wearing the same few fitness attire that I have. Thus, I NEED more fitness wear. And no, FBTs and slacky clothes are totally out. I'm talking more of pretty yet functional fitness apparel such as these...



Yes... I NEED more of these fashionable funky fitness wear that will make me feel look AND look good while I exercise! And even to the extent of wearing it straight to the gym! I only have a few nice ones lor. Definitely not enough. Similar case to my shoe collection - Definitely never enough! :p

And do you know there are some pretty sexy exotic ladies at my gym whom I see regularly and they are lifting awesomely-insane weights? My max so far is 5kg per side. I have been indulging (Some may deem it as torturing, but I don't think so!) myself in weight-training exercises, that's why. And of course, a little cardio exercise too~ :)

4 Response to Shopping for Bbb! And Fitness Wear for Me?

29 January 2011 at 02:35

You will look sexy and pretty in whatever fitness wear, and will never fail to be the attraction in the gym. Even without make-up, you just too pretty to be turn away by guys. D3lonely

29 January 2011 at 10:43

@D3 Thanks~ :)

2 February 2011 at 18:23

All thanks to the effort and time put up in getting a great body.

4 February 2011 at 03:31

@Fitness Freak Yes, thats right! But not many can put in that effort, determination, isnt it? :)

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