Hong Kong Holiday Day 2 (Part 1)


The main attraction for day 2 of my Hong Kong trip is a visit to Ocean Park Hong Kong (香港海洋公園), a marine theme park! We had dim sum for breakfast, at a Chinese restaurant near our hotel.

I didn't take photos of the food (was so hungry!) but I took photo of this dish:

It was my first time eating this. This is an egg custard bun, known as 'lau sa bao'. I love the sweetness of the filling and how the filling oozes out when I gently pressed on the bun. I am in love with this since then... Anyone who knows of any Dim Sum restaurant in Singapore which serves awesome egg custard buns, PLEASE tell me ok? :D

After breakfast, we hired 2 cabs to take us all to Ocean Park. It was quite a distance away so I slept through the journey. But I awoke just in time to snap a picture of the pair of dolphins (see pic below)!

Hong Kong 04

We took some pictures at the entrance...




After getting the entrance tickets, we were in! I was so excited about going to Ocean Park as I could see my favorite animals - Penguin, tortoise and dolphin! Mad happy! But in the end, I could only see penguin soft toys (which I did not buy and only after coming back to SG, I regretted) and live turtles. And yes, the dolphin performance of course! :)

My faves!
Hong Kong 05

Welcome welcome~~~

What awaited me at the Ocean Park that day was HEAT + LOTSA WALKING. LOL!

We took a carousel ride.
Hong Kong 06

VIDEO!! ^_^

We took the cable car ride to the other part of the Ocean Park.

View from the cable car.

Higher we went...

... Till I had a bird's eye view of my surrounding!

It was really a beautiful sight! It was also very quiet and cooling, other than the delightful shrieks and laughter from the godsisters' kids in the other cable car. It was rather amusing to see how they went 'Wooooo' when the cable car shook gently at certain points. :p

Snapped a few pics of us... :)


Got jaw-ed?

We went to the Atoll Reef, an aquarium that is four levels high! It was amazing to see the many different kinds of marine species such as giant turtles, sting rays and even sharks! The fishes were BIG... Bigger than your face. If I am given a fish of that size to eat, it can probably last me for a day's meal!!













Here's a video I shot while at the aquarium!
Giant fishes! Made me feel like going diving!!!

I want candy!! :p

I SHOULD have said yes when Bbb asked if I wanted this. Now I regret! :(
(FYI, I collect penguin soft toys.)


We went for a ferris wheel ride...




Rollercoaster ride~

Flying Swing (same as the one at Genting theme park).

Bbb played some of the games...
And won plushies for the girls and me! :p


** PART 2 of Day 2 of the trip will be posted up soon!** :)

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8 Response to Hong Kong Holiday Day 2 (Part 1)

27 January 2011 at 01:40

You're always so beautiful,D3lonely

27 January 2011 at 04:38

Too bad, there is no egg custard buns in sg.

27 January 2011 at 22:21

there is. Jumbo restaurant serves custard bun during dim sum. i ate it at nsrcc jumbo. u can try other outlets

28 January 2011 at 15:17

Imperial Treasure at Ngee Ann City has very good lau sa bao, it has salted egg yolk mix so it is a little salty. Peach Garden also has, so-so. I think Bosses at Vivo also has.

29 January 2011 at 10:44

@D3 :)

@ Kel There are, just that I want good yummy ones! :)

29 January 2011 at 10:47

@Anonymous Okieee thanks~ :)

@Jaslyn Seems like you tried from lotsa places before babe! :p Which is the most awesome tasting one? I think I must go for a lau sa bao food hunt soon! I miss it sooo much!!! Hehehe~

23 February 2011 at 23:59

There are Penguins in Sg though? :)

24 February 2011 at 00:49

@Anonymous Yup I know! I saw penguins in Singapore before, and I even took a photo with one while I was touching it. I am just excited as long as I get to see penguins lah~ LOL! :)

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