Hong Kong Holiday Day 1

Waking up excitedly one morning... For I knew my holiday getaway with my partner & his relatives was just hours away. Despite the light rain, it certainly did not dampen my mood as I made my way to board the SQ A380 that was heading to Hong Kong. It was my first time taking the A380. We had specially chosen our seats on the upper deck as it has a 2-4-2 seating configuration - Simply perfect for couples! :p

Hong Kong 01

Upon arriving in Hong Kong, we hired two cabs to take us straight to our hotel from the Hong Kong International Airport as there were nine of us. On the way, I took some photos...




The hotel I stayed at: L'hotel Nina Et Convention Centre.
Owned by the late billionaire Nina Wang.

The hotel lobby

It took quite awhile to complete the check-in. But the check-out was a breeze.

Our hotel room (deluxe with harbour view).
Most HK hotel rooms are rather small, so I was quite happy with the room size.


The bathroom has both bath tub and a standing shower. Notice the transparent curved glass panel? Kinky right? :p
But don't worry, there is the bath curtain to cover the glass panel if you are uncomfortable.

The beautiful harbour view!
Hong Kong 02

After freshening up ourselves, we made our way to pay a visit at one of the relatives' home. We had bags and bags of food goodies and bottles of wine for the relatives. As you know, most people in Hong Kong speak Cantonese. However, I do not know this dialect at all, so it was pretty difficult to understand what the adults were talking (so Bbb had to be my translator). Thankfully, the cousins understand Mandarin and/or English, so it wasn't too bad afterall!




One of the uncles made a dinner reservation at one of the Chinese restaurants located at Reclamation Street. There were almost close to 30 people in all! It was a yummy feast with lotsa catching-up to do. Can't even count the bottles of wine that were emptied! No pictures of the food as I still felt kinda shy at that time (first time meet bf's HK relatives leh!). LOL! Anyhow, it was a wonderful heart-warming gathering. And more meal gatherings for the rest of our trip to come... :)


The adults continued with their drink + chat while the younger ones checked out the nearby street market, Ladies Market (女人街). Before I went there, I thought that there would be ALOT of stuff to buy, especially for ladies, but nope! :p The stuff was rather boring and I couldn't believe it myself - I finished walking the whole 女人街 and I did not buy a single thing! Haha!

Ok, I did buy something... But it cannot be counted as it was a Hong Kong Prepaid mobile phone SIM card as I have to stay socially connected even though I was overseas! Thankfully, the mobile phone shop had the SIM card cutter as I am using an iPhone (Why Apple can't use the common SIM card size right?). Once I reached back to my hotel room, I pampered myself by preparing a hot tub to soak myself in, and not forgetting the Strawberry bath fizz ball! Shiok! And I call it a night! :)

Fizz bomb!


Stay tuned for the next Hong Kong Post!
Cos there will be lotsa pictures in it! I went to Ocean Park! ^_^

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5 June 2012 at 19:57

hongkong is a place with lots of very beautiful island, I see from your photo, the places you visit a very interesting

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