Going on a Holiday

At 5am (about 20 minutes from now, as I am blogging), I will be leaving my home to head for breakfast before I am off for a short getaway trip. I took only 15 minutes to pack my luggage, and another 10 minutes to double & triple check (just in case if I missed out anything).

Usually, I will post up an entry that I am going abroad and that's it... I have NEVER scheduled any blog post to be up while I am away. Not even for a single post. But this time round, I have done some blog post scheduling! I don't want you guys to miss me, you know? :p

And what is in the blog post that has been scheduled?
I am not telling! But it is (my) travel trip related! :)
So do check back my blog tomorrow - 24 January, after 11am!

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