N.E.mation! 5 'Home - We Make Or Break' Contest

Do you still remember this animation clip which I have created? (See below)

Yes, it was done by the use of the stop-motion technique. And that was what I learnt in a workshop conducted by Animagine, as mentioned in [This Blog Entry]. It was in relation to the annual N.E.mation! contest (the 5th one this year,btw!) organized by Nexus, where students create animation clips which express their definition of Total Defence. And now, YOU can be a part of this whole competition too! Yes YOU! You can do your part for the N.E.mation! contest! Just like how you can do your part for your country! :p

And how are you going to do that?
Very simple..... Just VOTE!
And yes, attractive prizes are to be won!!!!

But before I share with you the voting details and whatsoever, I am going to share with you my visit to the cosy production site of the 10 finalist teams... And this was where the magic of animation began... :)

And this is Joshua (the guy in pink polo) who brought us around the
individual tentage of the teams.
Oh, and that's me in the pic too! :p

Since the photo above only shows his back, here's a picture of Joshua again.
I really gotta thank him for teaching us the stop-motion technique...
Cos with that skill & knowledge, I input it into an animation clip
which I did for Bbb for our anniversary this year :p


This is Team C1 (Cancer Patients) from Anglican High School.
Check out their take on N.E.mation! [HERE]. But what are they doing???


They were using imported (and expensive) condiments to form shapes & figures!

Frame by frame! When you are near them, just DON'T sneeze! :p

This is Team C2 (Phoenix) from Crescent Girls' School.
Check out their take on N.E.mation! [HERE].

This is Team C3 (Sock Bulls) from Hua Yi Secondary School.
Check out their take on N.E.mation! [HERE].


This is Team C4 (XJST) from Kent Ridge Secondary School.
Check out their take on N.E.mation! [HERE].
They (even the boys in the team) sewed all these props
that were used in their animation clip.


And I couldn't resist taking a close-up shot of the penguin!
My fave animal! :D


When I saw these, it reminded me of something...


Yes... It reminded me of the [Gingerbread Man which I did for Bbb]...

It also reminded me of the heart-shaped cushion which
I did for Bbb for one Valentine's Day occasion (Nope, I didn't blog about this).


This is Team C5 (Con Bravura) from Methodist Girls' School.
Check out their take on N.E.mation! [HERE].
They used origami for their animation... It reminded me of my younger days...
As my Mum would buy origami books and we would be folding papers together as a family.

This is Team C6 (Little Bopeepz) from Methodist Girls' School.
This is their take on N.E.mation!:

This is Team C7 (The Spectators) from Monfort Secondary School.
They used the claymation technique, which was the one I used in my animation clip.

Check out their take on N.E.mation! [HERE].

Check out the various clay models of different eye expression!

And these are the clay models for the mouth.
Don't they somehow remind you of the gummy sweet shaped in a mouth? :p


So with eyes and mouth combined, this is one of the characters in their clip.

This is Team C8 (Carpe Diem) from Nanyang Girls' High.
This is their take on N.E.mation!, and I like their lil cheer as seen in the last 10 seconds:

Their clip had pictures done in a way like a domino effect, which I kinda like! :)

This is Team C9 (Bamm!) from National Junior College. A brilliant concept, imo!
Check out their take on N.E.mation! [HERE].

This is Team C10 (Search Our Souls) from St. Margaret's School.
Check out their take on N.E.mation! [HERE]. And what is this kitchen for?

They use "Pure Love" water, "100% Whole Hearted People" flour...
To make pastry of the shape of Singapore island. And yes, "100% Handmade". :p


And no baking can be done without "Rise Up! Play-A-Part" powder...
While having the "
Guidance Gloves" that will guide and protect you! :p

The oven brand? ROTI GAGA. OOhhh I like!

Rah Rah Ah Ah Ah
Roma Roma Ma
Gaga Ooh La La

Oh wait! Their oven is a time machine!
Which year do you want to go back to?


1819? When Sir Stamford Raffles founded Singapore?
1945? When the World War 2 ended?
1965? When Singapore gained independence? The birth of our nation? :)

And so, after 3 weeks of creating their animation clips, the finalist teams celebrated!

Ok, and finally....
Here's the voting contest details!!!

This year's theme ---> "Home - We Make or Break".
[VOTE] for your favorite 3 animation clips for N.E.mation! 5
and stand a chance to win attractive prizes.
Voting period from 22 Jan to 6 Feb 2011.

So view the final work by the teams [HERE] and VOTE! ^_^

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