Sentosa Boardwalk from VivoCity

Today marks a significant day in Singapore
as Sentosa opens the Sentosa Boardwalk!

And I am glad that I had the opportunity a week ago
to visit the Boardwalk before its opening! Thanks to Sentosa! :)

The Sentosa Boardwalk is the first garden-themed boardwalk in Southeast Asia which displays a fantastic feature of various tropical landscapes. Visitors can now stroll into Sentosa island from VivoCity shopping mall, via the Sentosa Boardwalk. Admission fees is S$1/entry per person. But if you are a Sentosa Islander, then it's free. :)

The rainy/sunny weather will never be an issue to walk along the Sentosa Boardwalk as the canopies are all covered! On top of that, for some reason or another that you may not want to or unable to walk that 700 metres of distance, 5 pairs of two-way travellators are there for your convenience. For the foodies in all of us, there are FOUR F&B establishments along the way: The Wine Company, Ooh! Crpes, Gelateria Venezia and Queens! :D You can do some shopping at the retail outlets too~ :)

The Sentosa Boardwalk has 5 sections...
And as you walk along, enjoy the panoramic view of the bay. It's beautful, I tell ya~
Sentosa Boardwalk Pre-opening

Section 1 : Mangrove
(See... The walkway is all sheltered and there's the travellator for ya!)
Sentosa Boardwalk Pre-opening

Sentosa Boardwalk Pre-opening

Sentosa Boardwalk Pre-opening

Sentosa Boardwalk Pre-opening

Section 2 : Rock Garden
Sentosa Boardwalk Pre-opening

Sentosa Boardwalk Pre-opening

Uniquely-designed ceilings which allow sunlight to enter. :)
Sentosa Boardwalk Pre-opening

Section 3 : Terrain & Hill
Sentosa Boardwalk Pre-opening

Yes, you can view the Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) from the Sentosa Boardwalk :)
Sentosa Boardwalk Pre-opening

Sentosa Boardwalk Pre-opening

Sentosa Boardwalk Pre-opening

This is my most favourite area of the whole Sentosa Boardwalk!
The curved wooden plank design reminds me of those sand dunes! Right??! :)

Sentosa Boardwalk Pre-opening

The unique crooked handle bar, accompanied by floras that are so vibrant in color!
Sentosa Boardwalk Pre-opening

Sentosa Boardwalk Pre-opening

~Me & Bbb~
Sentosa Boardwalk Pre-opening

Sentosa Boardwalk Pre-opening

Section 4 : Coastal Flora
Sentosa Boardwalk Pre-opening

Section 5 : Tropical Rainforest
Sentosa Boardwalk Pre-opening

I noticed there was water flowing from the brown basket 'pots'.
I had no idea why, and I am still curious about it. Any ideas?

Sentosa Boardwalk Pre-opening

And once you reach to this area, you can take out your EZ-link card
and pay the admission fees into Sentosa. Cash is accepted too.

And once you get past the gantry, you arrive at RWS! Woohoo~
Sentosa Boardwalk Pre-opening

So... How to get in to Sentosa Island?
(1) Walk along the Sentosa Boardwalk
(2) Sentosa Express train from VivoCity level 3
(3) Sentosa Bus from Harbourfront Bus interchange
(4) Sentosa Rider
(5) Via car (Vehicle entrance fee applies)
(6) Via Taxi (Vehicle entrance fee applies)
(7) Jewel Cable Car ride from HarbourFront Tower 2

Getting to Sentosa is easier now, with the additional method of the Sentosa Boardwalk~ What's more, after a dinner at VivoCity, you can walk along the Sentosa Boardwalk with your loved one! So romantic, yet you can allow your food to be digested before a dessert session. Simply killing two birds with one stone! LOL! I think that the night view of the bay and the IR will be beautiful too... I'm definitely going to visit the Sentosa Boardwalk in the night sometime soon! :)

A video of the Sentosa Boardwalk, filmed at night!
Now, all the more I want to visit it at night!!! ^_^

Before I end this post, here's some photos taken by other, with me in the pics! :)

Taken by Chris with his film toy camera

Taken by Chris with his film toy camera

Taken by Chris with his film toy camera

Pic of @Plip14, Bbb & Me.

FREE ADMISSION into Sentosa via the Sentosa Boardwalk on 29 and 30 Jan 2010! There's fun-filled activities going on today (opening day)!
From 5.30pm till late! Click [HERE] for more info, or visit their Facebook page.

Ok, that's all!
I will be blogging the other stuff I did in Sentosa on that day! Stay tuned!:)

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You look very sweet in the red top. Always so beautiful and sexy. D3lonely

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Heart or roses? Guess it won't matter, be it be the most sexy bikini or the full cover from head to toes dress, as long it on you, it always look pretty and sexy. You never fail to attract me, thank you my beautiful princess, you're pretty even without makeup, and your sexy is not by showing off your beautiful cleverage but rather by your look, you have a very beautiful and sexy face, be it to be your eyes, your nose and your lip, You're beautiful. Hope this year I got to see you in real more and can listen to your sweet voice again. Thank princess, D3lonely

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10 May 2011 at 17:03

I strolled down the boardwalk at night and it's fantastic!

Duncan In Kuantan

1 July 2015 at 10:37

it's amazing sentosa
thanks for information

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