Hong Kong Holiday Day 2 (Part 2)

**This is a continuation post from [THIS POST] of my Hong Kong trip. :)

When it was time for the Sea Dreams performance at the Hong Kong's Ocean Park, we adjourned to the Ocean Theatre, where we were entertained by the spectacular dolphin performance! If you want a good seat, do arrive at the theatre as early as you can as the crowd was horrible. Of which, you would be squashed by the other tourists. And those mainland Chinese tourist groups were the worst of all... Mannerism level = Zero. Do keep an eye on your personal belongings even as you get trigger-happy.

Even though I had my DSLR with me, my lens was not suitable as I was all the way at the top, so I had to use my digicam which has a 14X optical zoom. And boy I was glad that it managed to capture the following shots! I'm so proud of my digicam. I certainly made a right choice! ;p (And both cameras happen to be Canon) :p




There was also an appearance by 2 seals.






Next, we went on a hot-air balloon ride!


We were at Ocean Park till about 5pm and cabbed back to the hotel. The evening was free for Bbb and I, so we went around exploring by ourselves. From Tsuen Wan West (the MTR station nearest to our hotel), we took a MTR train all the way to Tai Koo station, where I met up with someone to buy a tub of the Egyptian magic cream (will blog about it in future).

We had no idea where to go next (and I liked how random that was!), we decided to take a train to the Northpoint station... Simply because it was 'Northpoint' which reminded us of Northpoint Shopping Centre at Yishun back in Singapore. We walked around the area and had our dinner at some random restaurant. I lreally iked the whole randomness as I got to explore the area and it felt more relaxing that way, rather to follow a planned/uptight 'where-to-eat' or 'where-to-go' itinerary.

Photos at Northpoint!


He Loves Northpoint! Hhahaha!


We got off the train at Admiralty station, just to take a picture with the platform sign.

We continued our train journey to Mongkok as I wanted to take Bbb somewhere... And it was a SURPRISE! :p He did not know where we were going... I merely told him that I really really reaaaallllyyyyy needed to get something from a particular shop and I told him to follow me and he did. But wasn't he afraid that I would take him to sell him off to some syndicate? Wahaahaha! Anyway, he thought I was going to meet another seller to buy another item for myself, just like how we did hours ago when we met up with the Egyptian Magic Cream seller.

But little did he know that we were heading to a shop to get something for HIM. (^_^) Cos if you remember reading this blog entry on Bbb's Birthday 2010 Celebration, I mentioned:
"And yes, I am a bad girlfriend. I did not get a birthday present for him, yet. I know he wanted to buy something from an Ebay online store but they did not have it in his size. So I went all over the WORLD (wide web) and managed to source for it in XX country! Considering the place of origin for that item, I can't believe its found in XX! And what luck, afterall I have a flight scheduled to XX in September! Hooray! Till then, hope the boyfriend doesn't read my blog. :p"

So the story goes like this...
(LONG STORY, you can skip the next few paragraphs if you want LOL!)

One day, Bbb was shopping around online and he saw something that he liked but it was not available in Singapore. And since his birthday was around the corner, I told him I would get it for him as a birthday gift. He finally managed to source it from an Ebay store but they did not have it in his size. The Ebay seller said that we could transfer the money over and he could do a custom order with the factory and have it shipped to us in 2 months (that would be in September). But what if we transfer the money over and we did not get the item? So what if the Ebay store has the 'Power Seller' badge? So I kinda dissuaded him from getting it.

However, I was determined to get it for him so I went on a massive WWW search for it. And I managed to track down a website which retails it with a shop front... in Hong Kong! And that was where we were heading to in 2 months' time! HIP HIP HOORAY!!! I was mad excited but I did not want to tell Bbb as I wanted to surprise him. In the meantime, he kept asking me about getting it from that Ebay store and I kept dissuading him. Each time he asked me 'How?', I gave him the same answer, "Don't want, later we never receive it lor", and gave him an annoyed stern look. Wahahaha! Meanwhile, days before his birthday, I told him that I did not prepare any thing for his birthday, other than the birthday card and dinner... He said it was ok but c'mon... Who doesn't want presents?!!?! I know I want! :p

So after discovering that Hong Kong shop, I began my Surprise Birthday Present Plan. Initially, I wanted to order the item and have the HK shop to drop it off at the hotel reception BUT the problem was that I did not have a HK bank account to transfer the $ over. And it was obviously impossible to get someone at the reception to pay first and bill it to the room since it was not a hotel item or something. Next, I thought of seeking a favor from his HK cousin to get it for me and then present it to Bbb during dinner time (as I knew we would definitely be meeting up with his relatives) but he would be in Australia at that period when we would be visiting. Even though the cousin offered to get his parents to get it for me, I didn't want to trouble them which I have not meet at all before, till I was in HK.

So the only solution was to bring Bbb to the shop itself. I reckoned it would be a good idea too, since he could probably achieve orgasms just by being at the shop with all his fave stuff all around (I'm kidding about the orgasm part, but I knew he would be excited and wowed lah!). The building I brought him to was super ulu and quiet... He really had no idea where we were heading to but when we reached the shop level, he knew immediately what the shop sells. I did not expect that the shop could be seen once we came out of the lift as it has those glass windows and door... (-_-) So Bbb knew straightaway what the shop sells once we got out of the lift. I should have got him to close his eyes in the lift and lead him into the shop RIGHT?! Never mind, next time I will not commit such an error. Me #FAIL... LOL! :p

So other than the item which I got for him as his birthday gift, I got him 2 more items. He was also surprised that the item which he wanted to get all along, could be found in HK! Haha! After we got out of the shop, I told him, "Now you know why I didn't want you to get from Ebay right?" and "Do you think that I would want to be such a bad girlfriend who does not get a birthday gift for her boyfriend? Hur hur~". I knew he was really happy... And I was happy too!

But do you know what was the toughest part about the whole surprise plan? It was not the sourcing of that item on the WWW since I simply plonked my fat sexy ass on the chair and surf online. It was not the liaising with the Hong Kong shop or his cousin. It was not researching on the directions to get there via Google Maps. It was *drums roll*... ----->>> Keeping my mouth shut about the plan for that 2 months plus, as I really wanted to surprise him. And since I tell him almost everything (He's like my confidante, my best friend you know?), it was extremely difficult to do it! BUT, I am so proud of myself that I succeeded in surprising him! :D

-Ok, end of story. I did warned you about it being a long story right?-

After we have gotten his birthday presents, we went to Temple Street for the night market, which I feel that there was nothing nice to buy. The shoe stalls had almost the same designs. Even though I felt that most of the designs were rather ugly, I bought two pairs eventually. This was only because the pair of flats that I wore that day was painful for me after all the walking I did at Ocean Park (since I am not used to covered shoes with backings), thus I needed a comfortable pair for my next day at Disneyland... Afterall, the pair of heels I had for the trip just wouldn't do too. And funnily, despite our "random walkabouts", I did not notice any departmental stores or shoe stores, that's why I only managed to get my footwear at the Temple Street market.

Both pairs only cost me about SGD20+??? Cheap right? :) One was a pair of strappy wedges (which I wore it the next day), and the other was a pretty pair of slippers wedges (or is it called platform slippers?). As the stall was almost closing and another stall assistant was already packing up, I quickly asked for the same size as my wedges, for the slippers. I wanted to try but the lady said it will fit since same size, and I trusted her.

So after shopping the very-boring night market, we walked around and bought bubble tea and snacked on packets of smelly tofu. The tofu was not SMELLY enough! BOO!!!! We cabbed back to the hotel and it was already past one in the morning. And guessed what... Turned out that the pair of slippers I bought was a size too big for me when I tried it on back in my hotel room! WahLauEh!

**Next post up, will be on my Disneyland trip!!**

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5 Response to Hong Kong Holiday Day 2 (Part 2)

1 February 2011 at 22:42

so what was the surprise present that can only be found in Hong Kong?

2 February 2011 at 04:34

Not that it can only be found in HK. Just that we were really surprised that it can be found in Hong Kong. Thats all. :)

3 February 2011 at 15:03

You look so pretty and sexy in your cny photo, how your knee, beautiful princess? I guess you will look more and more pretty and sexy this year, as every year I just find you more and more attractive. Show more of your beautiful photos and video ba, D3lonely

4 February 2011 at 03:43

@D3 Thanks! :) My knee is getting better... At least I can bend without feeling the pain as much as before. Have a good CNY~ :)

5 February 2011 at 03:11

U look so beautiful and sexy in the two photo especially the one u put yr finger onyr lip, very sexy. D3lonely

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