ZoukOut 2010 (Latest Photos and Videos!)


I totally enjoyed myself at the ZoukOut 2010 beach party last Saturday! And I am FINALLY posting the photos taken that night! Sorry for the wait... But as the saying goes, good things come to those who wait! ;p So here goes!~~~

Photo of me holding the pair of ZoukOut tickets.

In this previous blog entry, I blogged about how excited I was and how much I was looking forward to my very first 100% pure fun at ZoukOut where I am absolutely work-free. And what made it even more special was that I got Bbb to come along with me since I was given two ZoukOut tickets... And it was our very first time to ZoukOut TOGETHER. :)

We decided to drive into Sentosa as we did not want to wait for the shuttle bus or hail a cab after we were done partying (and probably rather tired too). The traffic towards Sentosa was not that bad as I thought it would be. Hence, I managed to get into Sentosa rather fast. However, traffic was heavy and slow once I passed through the gantry.

Despite seeing the carpark lot availability signboard stating that there were 200+ lots left at the Beach carpark, we could not park there as the road towards that carpark was blocked off and there was a sign that instructed us to park at the Cove carpark as Beach carpark was full. WHAT CRAP... Cos when I finally reached the Beach station (via the ZoukOut shuttle bus from Cove), I saw that there were so many lots available at the Beach carpark.

As we walked towards the ZoukOut entrance, we noticed a long snaking line and I thought that people were queuing to enter into ZoukOut. But just as I was walking past the people at the front of the queue, a ZoukOut personnel announced using a loud hailer that "The ZoukOut tickets are SOLD OUT". WHOA! Imagine those who spent time queuing up? :-/

After passing through the first security checkpoint, Bbb and I met up with the rest and we entered via the section for Press/Media & VIP only. We did not have to line up to enter and we could head straight to PARTAYYY!!!

You could have enjoyed priority entry VIP queue (till 10pm that night) like us,
if you are a Citi Clear Platinum cardholder. *wink wink*

Notice that sexy girl posing in front of the gigantic ZoukOut sign? :p
Zoukout 2010

I prefer last year's costume, where the girls had cone bras haha!
(If you can remember that if you were at last year's ZoukOut.)

Zoukout 2010

We headed to the Citibank marquee...

We took lotsa photos with the props that were provided...

A photo with @anthonyl1m and Mus.

Another shot...

Mus and his friends...

More photos with him... :)




Jayden and me! :)

Apparently, there was a free flow of drinks from 8pm to 10pm at the
Citibank Clear Platinum VIP marquee!


So what happens when there is a group of fun party-goers and free flow?

ONE: You get babes like Nadnut who wouldn't look at the camera when taking pics. :p

TWO: The person taking the photo for Sara (icyabstract) and me
would take a blurry pic such as the one below :p


THREE: The not-so-high ladies (ie. Sara & Me) would check if those people
that were rather high (such as Bbb) were ok. Lol!


FOUR: You get exposed and people just wanna take photos of those abs
which you have trained hard for, while your girlfriend would try to cover it
as she deemed those abs were meant for her eyes only! Wahahaa!


I twitpic-ed this picture on my Twitter...

I didn't twitpic this picture though.
The only place to get such bright lighting was none other than in the portable toilet. LOL!


There was a photographer who took photos for us infront of the Citibank backdrop.
The photos were then printed out in the size of a credit card (How befitting!)



Two couples!

Sara and me... with our boyfriends :p

Group Shot! :)

Those present in this pic were those who arrived early! :)
The early birds say yay to free flow hehe~

When it was about 11.15pm, Bbb and I made a move outta Zoukout... Don't worry, we weren't leaving the party for home, especially since it had not reached its climax (Climax = Guetta spinning at 5am). We simply popped by Vivocity via the Sentosa Express train to meet our friends whom had booked tickets for the movie, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader at 12.20am.

Photos taken on the train... :)
(Taken with front cam of iPhone 4)




Once we were done with the movie, all of us made our way into Sentosa via the ZoukOut shuttle bus from the Harbourfront bus interchange (as the Sentosa Express had ceased operation for the night). We got off at Cove carpark as they wanted to put their bags in Bbb's car. As I was looking forward to get really high and wild with Tiesto, and especially Guetta... I decided to leave my digicam in the car too so that I can jump up and down to their songs. Hence, no more pictures from this point onwards~ But THERE'S VIDEOS! :)

I realised that it rained while we were watching the movie. So ZoukOut party-goers could do the rain dance eh? I missed the fireworks though, but never mind, I can still catch fireworks on New Year's Day, afterall I managed to skip the rain. Hee~ :p

We reached back just in time to get crazy with Tiesto spinning away. But the ultimate ultimate climax for me was when Guetta got on stage. I went wild, but not to the extent of throwing my bra onto the stage lah! Anyway I wouldn't do that since I may become the victim of a molestation case in ZoukOut (Who knows!? LOL!) :p

I did try to take photos of Tiesto and Guetta with my iP4. But the photos turned out pixelated cos I had to zoom in. :( So I shan't post those pictures up, but thankfully the video capture was not that bad. So here's a couple of videos which I captured, and all of David Guetta :p And Sean, my Uni/club mate, called him an attention hoe, but I beg to differ!
I ♥ Guetta!

Well that's all for my ZoukOut 2010!
Hope you had enjoyed yourself at ZoukOut as much as I did!
Totally 100% partying fun for me this year~ (^_^)

Click [HERE] to know more on the After-Dark privileges that the
Citi Clear Platinum card offers! :)


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16 December 2010 at 02:20

When you smile, you are at the most pretty. Like the design of this dress, it look good in you and make you look very sexy. You are very attractive my beautiful princess. D3lonely

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Thanks D3~ :)

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