I'm back from Zoukout 2010!

My previous post (Click HERE to read) is all about going to Zoukout 2010 for 100% of partying fun! And boy I had so much funnnn!!! Tiesto and Guetta totally rocked the whole event. Especially Guetta (I'm biased, haha~)!!!

So in my previous post, you would be able to access to my Zoukout 08 and 09 pictures. So WHERE'S DA PICTURES FOR ZOUKOUT 2010? Stay tuned then! :p

Oh! But I have been tweeting and posting up pictures via my [Twitpic account] on Twitter the whole of last night (somehow or another....), so check them out on my [Twitter page]. I also took some pics of Guetta and Tiesto which I wanted to Twitpic, but the mobile network was TERRIBLE! Urgh! Imagine... almost 30,000 people were reported to be at Zoukout 2010 last night! Whoa! I spotted a tweet saying that she was tweeting from a friend's mobile phone+line as her Singtel line is down. Nothing wrong with the network being down since the crowd was massive, but there was a mega Singtel tentage at Zoukout. Oh the irony!

So anyway, I will post Tiesto and Guetta pics up in my post Zoukout blog entry (Lookout for it k?), along with the other photos taken last night. I captured some videos of Guetta spinning too! He's mad awesome! I wouldn't say he's God though (like some people had mentioned, no offence~)

Imma rest for the Sunday!
Yes, I know, it's no longer>>>>

Imma party, and party and party and party...
And party and party and party...
Imma party, and party and party and party...
And party and party and party...

But still, I'm gonna leave you with this Mv... for now! Pics soon! :)

***** UPDATE: Click HERE for my ZoukOut entry! I have updated with lotsa pictures and a few videos! :D

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14 December 2010 at 13:05

So Crowded! 30 000 people! I'm visiting Babe. Had linked you up in my blog. :)

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