I am going to Zoukout 2010!~

Singapore will have something very happening this coming Saturday. And it is none other than the annual beach dance party - Zoukout! The tenth year and still so happening, and David Guetta and Tiësto will be performing!


So I have been to Zoukout twice so far, in 2008 and 2009... But I was working. And the past 2 years were quite hectic for me. Like in 2008, I woke up at 5.30am to work for a car-related event from 9-5pm and then rushed to work at Zoukout in the evening. In 2009, I did not sleep at all after finishing work at Zoukout as I had a blogger's tour at Sentosa that morning and I was afraid that I would not be able to wake up for it (So it was Sentosa >> Home >> Sentosa. LOL!). Come to think of it, how and where did I get all that stamina from?? :p

Anyway, do check out my blog posts + pictures for
[Zoukout 2008] and [Zoukout 2009] !

Though I did have fun while working back then, but I wasn't there for an entire 100% party fun... Get what I mean? So I am looking forward to Zoukout this year! Im so excited! And I even rejected a couple of Zoukout job offers cos I wanna have total fun! This shall be my first 'All-fun-no-work' Zoukout... A 100% pure partying fun awaits me!

There's only you, that 'One Love' and its hard 'Getting Over You',
and it is none other than David Guetta, and the 'Sexy Chick'! :p

Getting Over You...

Imma party, and party and party and party...
And party and party and party...
Imma party, and party and party and party...
And party and party and party...

Sexy Chick...


Total YAYness if you are a Citibank cardmember!
From 8pm to 11pm, drinks are 1-for-1 (to be purchased at the cashier points distributed throughout) with Citi Clear Platinum card; 8pm to 10pm the same with all other Citibank Cardmembers.

UPDATE (12 Dec): Check out my post-ZoukOut entry [HERE].

***** UPDATE: Click HERE for my ZoukOut entry! I have updated with lotsa pictures and a few videos! :D

3 Response to I am going to Zoukout 2010!~

10 December 2010 at 12:55

You look very sexy and pretty in 2008 and 2009 zoukout photos and I'm sure you will look even more pretty and sexy this year. Cause at least for this year you won't need to hurt yourself with ton of work.

I won't know what you be wearing this year for the party, but I know whatever you wear, you will be one of the most beautiful and sexy lady out there in the dance floor.

Yet to know if can join in the fun, if so hope to see you in real at the party. I guess if ever see you there it will hard to move my eyes away from you. Anyway hope to see all those beautiful photos to be update here soon. You always look pretty but when you fully enjoy, you look even more then pretty. So enjoy yourself beautiful princess Feliza. D3lonely

11 December 2010 at 23:58

As expected, you really look very pretty today even the photos appear to be abit noise, too bad can't be there. =( The top is the one you wear in Ko landa? It look very pretty and sexy on you. Can't wait to see all those beautiful photos of you being update. =) D3lonely

12 December 2010 at 03:41

You are really very special. Pretty, sexy and cute plus also interesting. Watching a movie in between a party and when you're high? Ha you're really very special. Too bad can't see you getting high in real, but think when you dancing on the dance floor, you must be very sexy and pretty. The most beautiful Za princess should be living in a world of high that bring out her beautiful smile, this is the most beautiful you, being high and happy belong to you my beautiful princess. You're Beautiful Feliza, be it with make up or not, you're beautiful. D3lonely

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