A Billy Bombers meal for two

I love the fact that his Kali (a form of martial arts) school is near the area where I do my mani/pedi. This means that we can go about doing our own stuff and meet up after that. So this was what we did one day and we met up for lunch at The Central's Billy Bombers.

As it had been awhile since I had Fish & Chips (and was craving for it), I chose that, along with a mug of root beer float. My partner had the Chicken & Ribs set, and ordered for himself a chocolate milkshake drink.

Billy Bombers_

My fish was not really nice and was a tad too oily. Bbb commented that he preferred the ribs to the chicken. The whole dining experience was not a pleasant one, especially when there was a housefly that kept hovering around our table and another table. Thankfully, it was only one housefly (but one housefly is STILL bad enough! I can't stand this loathsome pest coming near my food!), unlike a previous visit to the Gurney Drive restaurant in Ang Mo Kio. I am basically more tolerant with houseflies if it is a coffee shop or street stall, but certainly not in an air-conditioned restaurant. Don't they have those fly light machines? I certainly didn't spot one when I looked all around the place from where I was sitting.

We quickly finished our food, while waving off that pesky pest away. I simply wanted to leave the place asap (and probably never to visit this place again). What cheered me up after that was simply a packet of sweets from Sticky and a bottle of my fave Calpico from the Japanese supermarket! Both located at the basement of The Central! :)

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6 December 2010 at 22:16

Drools. Drools. Drools.



7 December 2010 at 16:08

you always so beautiful. D3lonely

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