Never enough heels for me!

I head out wearing flats these days... But nothing beats my love for heels! And as the heels get higher, so does my mood. As I was typing the earlier sentences, I suddenly thought of a scene from the Sex and the City movie, where Harry said, "I swear every time he heard someone's heels walking down the hall, his heart stopped". When I watched this scene, I have no idea why, but was able to relate to it. Maybe it is because I love high heels as much as Carrie does? :p

If you are curious enough, check out from 2:55 of this video below.

Presenting my three latest pairs of heels:

I quite like this pair. Very comfy.
My preferred style: Peep toes, sling backs.

I wouldn't actually wear this, since I'm one who tries to avoid wearing covered heels
with backings, but needed one for a work assignment. :(
And this was comfy enough, so I bought it.


This buy was a 'by-chance'. I walked past the shop just as I was going to the optical store. I liked the whole nude look & checkered design (omitting the nautical strips) so I got it. I wore it out twice so far, and I love it! :)


I got these from Taka dept store. Haven't used them yet though.

Maybe it is a case of being vertically-challenged which increases my fascination and love for heels. But which lady wouldn't be? ;) Then again, there are some girls who shouldn't be wearing heels. A good example is those girls who wear heels and walk with legs kinda wide apart. It is very fugly, for goodness sake. Please close up that gap in between your legs... You are walking, you aren't on the bed or rollerblading... You know?

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9 December 2010 at 15:41

same goes for me!!! I love heels as always~

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