Royal Caribbean Legend of the Seas Tour

Who cares about the clouds when we're together?
Just sing a song and bring the sunny weather.

Yes, Monday morning was indeed bright and sunny. Like the weather, my mood was on the bright side as I was going onboard a cruise ship, especially since it has been close to two years since my last cruise holiday trip. And no, I was not going on a cruise holiday (Though I really wish I was!). Rather, I was part of the group of forty bloggers, whom were participating in the half-day cruise tour, organised by and Royal Caribbean International.

And yes, the whole load of bloggers... Bursting with excitement to get onboard~ :)

... the Legend of the Seas.

The Legend of the Seas, is a world-class cruise ship... whereby describing it as a world-class 'Hotel on the Sea with endless fun and entertainment' will definitely be appropriate for such a fine cruise liner owned by Royal Caribbean.


This 70,000 tonnes ship is able to carry a maximum number of 2074 guests. And if you are wondering whether there are sufficient or suitable fun activities for people of all ages, fret not... Cos Royal Caribbean ensures all travellers' needs are met! How else would they have won the 2009 Forbes's "Best Onboard Entertainment & Best Family Cruises" award? :)


After getting onboard the ship, I walked with the group towards the main central area... Where one would be amazed by its majestic decor and skilled artistry. The glass elevators and unique stair layouts also added to the grand factor. I could visualise a musical film scene at this very area (like a masquerade ball scene, for example). It was THAT splendidly designed.




At this very same area, the champagne terrace and bar area, two talented musicians entertained us with sweet melodious music which they played on the grand piano and violin. I certainly can imagine myself sipping my favourite Bubbly with my partner or family, while enjoying the fine tunes that they are playing... And I will smile and say, "Ah~ This is life".



Sharing with you a short video clip.
To the 2 gentlemen: Thank you for entertaining us. Really appreciated it.

As all were split into groups, I was glad to have these girlies around in my group!
>> Jacelyn, Nadia (Nadnut), Dblchin, Me, Sabrina & Pris. <<

The Anchors Aweigh lounge is where one can enjoy a cocktail while seated at their plushy comfy seats. Perfect for a chill-out session with your mates as you shout "Anchor aweigh!" as the cruise begins to set sail... To whisk you guys on a marvellous cruise holiday. :)

The Anchors Aweigh lounge with seats aplenty! :)

Another place for a cozy cocktail session is at the Schooner Bar (Deck 4).

I couldn't resist taking a picture here as
I could very well imagine myself hanging out here.

(Credits to Peppermin for taking this pic of me, and OMGosh she is my highschool senior!)

Introducing the That's Entertainment Theatre...
(This lovely lady pictured here was our jovial tour guide, by the way).

Where daily live theatrical performances that bound to entertain all guests.

Should you feel that Lady Luck is on your side, give it a go at the Casino Royale.

As the 'No photo' rule was implemented, similar to all casinos, I did not take any picture. So do visit the casino yourself to check out the machine and table games available. But do remember, simply have fun but don't be greedy! If you win (I pray you do!), I will tell you what you can do with your winnings...

You can spend it at the Boutiques of Centrum!
This is where you can purchase jewellery, perfume, bags and more TAX-FREE.
I grinned when I heard "TAX-FREE". My favorite word whenever I'm on a holiday.

You wish... You REALLY wish to head to the casino. But you have your kids around. And with a minimum age regulation, it is obviously that you are unable to bring them in with you. So what can you do? Royal Caribbean puts your mind at ease by taking care of your kids! So while you adults entertain yourself at the casino for an hour or two (I don't hope for more as if it is a family trip, why not spend some time to bond together, right?)...

The kids get entertained too! At the Club Ocean!

With award-winning kid programs such as these,
your kids may not even want to leave once you are done at the Casino. :p


And what if you are worried that your kid may get lost in this magnificent big ship?
Here's the solution!


Royal Caribbean ensures that there are activities for all ages. And when it comes to the tweens and teens, there is the Optix Teen Disco, where there is a bar to cater to their F&B needs, teenage magazines, games, music videos played on screens, and even a table soccer game!


See how much fun the girls were having? :)

The games arcade will be the ultimate fun gaming place for everyone!

One of my fave games!
(Thy play Guitar Hero & Rock Band, you see)

For those who needs to take care of their farms on Facebook or blog for the matter,
there is the internet area for you (and me!) ;p



The fun onboard the Legend of the Seas is not limited to indoors.
There are of course outdoor activities...

Take a dip in the main pool and the two whirlpools!
And if you are famished after the swim, a pool bar is just few steps away~


TIP: If you would like to ogle at hunks in trunks (Hey it rhymed!) and/or bikini babes,
you can simply watch from the comforts of this air-conditioned area. Hehehe.
But for now, ogle at us!

I always love the idea of an indoor swimming pool.
And I can get it on the Legend of the Seas!


Swimming in this pool at the Solarium will be such a blissful thing to do!
Less heat and this area is air-conditioned! Hooray!


If you would like to flaunt your bikini-clad body but yet you wanna be as white as Snow White, you can lie on the chairs at the Solarium. Ultimate attention for the fair you.

I got really delighted as I went outdoors...

Must have been the therapeutic effect of the wind and sea.

A video... :)

The Legend of the Seas is where you can scale a rock wall in the middle of an ocean...

Where you can start singing 'Top of the World' once you reached the top of the wall :p

Whether you are a novice or pro golfer, just don't hit the golf ball into the ocean!

And what's my handicap, you ask? :P

There is also a jogging track, but if you are looking for some indoor fitness activity, there is the fitness centre for you to shed off the extra pounds gained from eating the yummy and almost-unlimited food that Royal Caribbean offers you!

Go run on the treadmill as you look out to the ocean.

No one mention that you can't look your best onboard the ship... For who knows you may meet the Man of your dream onboard? So get perfectly-styled coiffure at the Beauty Centre to attract whoever your Prince Charming is. And life is never complete without some spa indulgence... Don't say I didn't tell you! ;)

The Beauty Centre

One of the many spa rooms, comes equipped with a personal bathroom!

Accomodation Choices...
(Listed are some of them)

The humble cozy interior stateroom.

It doesn't matter if you are staying in a stateroom (with/without balcony) or in a suite.
Cos if it is your birthday, you are in for a birthday surprise upon entering! :p


Theose rooms that come with balconies are always my choice of room when I am on a cruise holiday. I love sitting by the balcony and enjoying the sea breeze as the ship sails. What makes it even more special is when my partner is seated right beside of me and I am in his arms... Gazing at the sea, and witnessing the sun disappears into the horizon as it sets.

Superior Balcony Stateroom - Twin bedded.

Superior Balcony Stateroom - Double-bedded.

Of course, if I have the extra cash to splurge, I will get a luxurious suite for my stay onboard the cruise ship! With a bigger room area and nice marble bathroom decor (Plus BATH TUB), why not? :)

Grand Suite


Owner's Suite

When I saw this, I was like, "Ah... Rembrandt the painter".
(Which btw, the ship is filled with fine European works of art and paintings).

This is THE suite for the Royal You out there...

There is even a baby grand piano in this suite!

With a suite as grand as this, this requires a video tour! :p

One of the two main dining areas is this: The Windjammer.

A buffet-style restaurant with separate food stations of different cuisines.

Allow me to take you on a walk-through at Windjammer.

As much as I would love the different food cuisines at the Windjammer, what draws me to the other dining place is that it is more for fine-dining. I was told that some guests dress up when they dine here.

At the Romeo & Juliet fine-dining restaurant.

It is without doubt that guests would dress up. Afterall, this two-tier restaurant offers nothing but the best in the F&B area. The decors were presented beautifully with its marbled flooring, large windows, the center chandelier and the grand staircase. What's more, there is a specific waiter that will wait on the diners for each table. Your personal dining tastes and preferences will be remembered when you are being served. Such service is something that I most welcomed. A three-course lunch was served to us during the tour at this very restaurant. :)

The Romeo & Juliet Dining Room.

Me~ :)

6 of us once again~ :)

From where I was seated, I could look out of the windows and admire the scenery.
(and he seriously look like someone I know, but he isn't.)


My appetizer: Shrimp Cocktail Royal

Dblchin's Chicken Broth

Dblchin's Main: Lamb Shank with Rosemary (with mint jelly add-on)

My main course: Chef's Halibut (Recommended by our table server).

I paired my food with a glass of white wine.
Now my life is complete (assuming I have done the spa onboard).


Jacelyn's main: Shrimp Ravioli

Ivory Chocolate Fondue (which I simply LOVE!) for desserts.

There is of course, room service, where you can have F&B sent to your room... a service I would very much like to try out as I have never call for room service before onboard a ship. LOL! After the delightful lunch, it was time to disembark. And before we passed through the immigration checkpoint, we had to have one final photo shot to remember this enjoyable day of ours! :D


With this, I bidded the grand Legend of the Seas farewell...

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25 November 2010 at 12:32

Babe, the pic "(and he seriously look like someone I know, but he isn't.)"... Is that guy Kelvin?

26 November 2010 at 01:13

Your dress is the longest, but it didn’t stop you to become the most attractive,pretty and sexy one. D3lonely

1 December 2010 at 13:12

Nice tour ~ alot of ppl say Royal Caribbean is better than Star Cruises.

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