Review: Revlon Beyond Natural Smoothing Primer

I admit, I do not usually use a makeup base. The only makeup base I have ever used in my entire life is Ettusais's Medicated Acne Whitening UV. So when a friend gushed about how wonderful the Revlon Beyond Natural Smoothing Primer was, I decided to give it a try.

It comes in a little transparent tube, of 25ml only.

The use of a makeup primer is to smooth the skin so that makeup can be applied more smoothly and evenly, minimize the appearance of pores, as well as to help your makeup to stay on longer.

The formula of this particular primer is lightweight enough, and it glides smoothly and easily onto my skin. I only need twice the amount of what you see in the picture below for my entire face. Thus, even though this tube only contains 25ml of the primer, I think it goes a pretty long way! :)

There is a nice scent but it goes off after awhile. It looks like it is oily as it is rather 'shiny' on the face after application, so a little amount of it would be sufficient for the whole face. I waited for 5 minutes after applying this, before I continue with my face makeup application.

I bought it weeks ago but my first time which I used it was the evening that I went to ZoukOut 2010. Since I planned to stay on at Sentosa till the sun rises, what better time to test this product to see if it does help my makeup to stay on for a tad longer, isn't it? ;)

I applied my makeup at about 5pm that Saturday evening before heading to ZoukOut. If you had read my ZoukOut blog entry, you would know that I went off for a few hours to watch the Narnia movie at Vivocity. After movie ended at about 2am+, I checked my mirror reflection... Good... Makeup has not faded off despite the humid weather that night. But I must add that I did touch up my face with pressed powder when we went back to the car after the movie so that our friends can put their stuff in our car.

After ZoukOut, I continued my Sunday morning at the nearby Tiong Bahru food centre for breakfast with Jiahui and Bbb. Checked my face with the car mirror... Makeup still nice enough. Afterwhich, we dropped Jiahui off at Vivocity as he was continuing his Day 2 in Sentosa for Volleyball (Imagine partying ZoukOut all night long and not heading back home but back to Sentosa for vigorous volleyball?!).

By the time I reached home, my makeup was still so nice that I can continue head out without any touching up if I want to. But no, I was too shagged out and I needed to sleep wahahaha! But do you know what... My face was not as oily even after 15 hours as it would be normally be when I do not use a makeup primer and being outdoors for the whole day!

Very amazing product, and the price is as amazing too, at only 20 SGD++. You can find it at the local personal care stores, like Watson's. It can be used forup to 2 years after opening and product is made in the US. But one thing I didn't like is that if you are being too over-generous with the amount you squeeze out, your face will turn out kinda oily (so DON'T!!). Also, if only this primer is formulated with sunscreen capabilities, that would be more awesome! ^_^

Side track: This was what I ordered for myself for breakfast after ZoukOut....

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21 December 2010 at 22:39

That seems nice, my face tends to get really oily in this climate, so make up fades away really fast

21 December 2010 at 23:28

You always look so pretty, be it in the BBQing photo or The no-makeup you, you always look so pretty and sexy. D3lonely

21 December 2010 at 23:57

@Rinaz In Sg or Italy? Hee! Welcome back to Sg btw! When will you be here till? :) This is good to prevent makeup from fading fast but gotta use sparingly imo. :)

@D3 Thanks :)

22 December 2010 at 11:02

The no-makeup photo look abit unclear, but even of the noise, you look really pretty and sexy. I guess you really no need any makeup or dress up, you are really very pretty and sexy. D3lonely

23 December 2010 at 01:10

You always look so pretty and sexy but in this zip top it add more spice on you. You look very beautiful in all kind of dress, be it sharing the view of your beautiful cleverage or not, you just look very beautiful and sexy, but somehow, really like this design of the top. Just like when you wearing bikini, it make guys even more hard to take away their eyes on you. You are not attractive but super attractive, my beautiful, sexy and extra hot princess Feliza. D3lonely.

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