Genting Trip 2010 (Part 1)


I don't always blog about my overseas travels (Europe, Japan, China, etc) as I feel it is rather tedious to a certain extent., especially if it involves sieving through all the photos I took and posting only some of them. But I will try to, in time to come... Even if it means being as slow as a snail... Or maybe even if a snail makes its way round the globe once, I may not even be done blogging about all the trips! :p So basically, I'll try. Since my Genting trip was only a three-days affair, so it is far more easy to blog about it. So here goes...

I decided to take a short trip to Genting. We made a last-minute booking just one week before we went off. And I was glad we managed to get a room at the hotel which we intended to stay at.

I booked my 3D/2N Free and Easy package via Heart Travel Pte Ltd, one of the few agencies under WTS Travel & Tours. I chose WTS as there are many pick-up points available around Singapore. Of course, there are other travel agencies that also offer Genting packages. But I chose Heart Travel to book my Genting trip as this travel agency is a social enterprise - Doing their bit for community while applying market-based strategies.

Leaving for Genting from Singapore in the early morning.

The coach that I took was the 24-seaters CEO Platinum Cruiser. Apparently, the seats are all allocated, so passengers cannot choose the seats. I was lucky to be given the first rows as I have plenty of leg room that I could even prop my legs up, as seen in the photo above.

After passing the Malaysian custom, a Malaysian guide boarded the coach and did a little bit of talking, etc. I wished she talked lesser cos I really wanted to sleep. There was the usual rest point halfway through the journey to Genting Highlands. After a few hours, we finally reached the First World Terminal!

The Deluxe Room of the Resort Hotel.
A 4-star hotel in Genting Highlands.


We booked a deluxe room at the Resort Hotel. The check-in at the counter was efficient and without any hassle. I liked the room when I first entered it... Not too bad, I would say. The toilet has a separate shower stall with an overhead rain shower head (I like!). The king-sized bed was pretty comfortable too. However, bath towels and floor towel were missing and I had to wait for an hour for them to be sent to the room. Apparently, I was told that the hotel ran out of bath towels. (-_-)

Munch time at Marrybrown. Missed the chickens!

Marrybrown's Nasi Ayam

Baskin-Robbins Ice cream

At First World Indoor Theme Park

We also went to watch the 'Haunted House' 4D mini movie.
But I still prefer my 'Pirates' 4D experience in Sentosa.

Fog at night

But not as foggy as compared to those days...

So ghostly...

Self-entertainment using the self-timer

Yours Truly~

He does splits better than a banana split!

Martial Arts guru in the house~ Mastering the art of levitation! LOL!

At Resort Hotel's hotel lobby, after returning from the Casino.




Me and Him

Get ready for my self-shots...
Those who don't like me / see self-shots of pple, please exit from my blog now. :p



When I saw this pic after taking, I thought it reminds me of 海派甜心 (one of my faves).

Not that I am anywhere near her talent or beauty.... :)

2 more pics to end this post with.


Stay tuned for Part 2...
We went to KL city :)


p/s: Read PART 2 of Genting trip [HERE]. :)

8 Response to Genting Trip 2010 (Part 1)

23 December 2010 at 21:24

Looks like you had a great trip. And those shots of you in the middle section are awesome! :-)

23 December 2010 at 22:27

Your beauty and rainie beauty are two very different kinds of beauty. Yes she is very pretty but you're also very pretty. While she is very sweet, your Sexual attractiveness is more attractive then her.both of you are on the same level of beauty, no one is better then who. D3lonely

24 December 2010 at 02:24

No one will ever get tired of seeing all those beautiful photos of you, you are very beautiful and sexy, but however think most people will get jealous and envies that he got to hug and kiss on you. It the most wonderful and blessed gift from God to have a beautiful GF like you, and to kiss and hug you and waking up every morning seeing your beautiful face will be like living in heaven, you're very beautiful, D3lonely.

24 December 2010 at 14:38

hey may i know where you got your red shirt from? it looks awesome!

24 December 2010 at 15:06

@Gantz Yeap it was~ A quick getaway! :) Stay tuned to PArt 2 :)

@D3 Thanks alot for your kind words.... Having a nice personality and kind heart surpasses any form of physical beauty and attractiveness imo.. And Im trying to reach that level. As much as my bf may feel blessed to have me as a gf, I feel blessed to have him too. :) Merry Christmas to you D3! Have a great celebration~

24 December 2010 at 15:07

@Anonymous I got it from Guess by Marciano. I have it in yellow too! :D

24 December 2010 at 19:01

You're a very wonderful gal, your physical beauty is supreme and I believe you are very pretty in your heart too. Your attractiveness is not only of your beautiful cover, but also your personality. I always said you're beautiful and very sexy by your cover, but I also always got a feel that your personality will be very good also. So it make you really beautiful. D3lonely

25 December 2010 at 19:44

@D3 Thanks D3... :)

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