Review: Manly 120 Eyeshadow Palette

Thanks to Smoocholito, I have something new to add to my makeup collection!

It's the Manly eyeshadow palette.
How many colors? 120!


They were very efficient in mailing out my parcel.

It was wrapped very securely by Smoocholito and with bubble wrap too.



I opened the box excitedly, hoping so much that Mr Postman had been careful with handling the parcel that I will receive the eyeshadow palette in perfect condition... And when I opened it up, there's another bubble wrap by the manufacturer! So actually, Smoocholito could have not need to do their own bubble wrap, but they did... Talk about being responsiblie and taking precautions! *wink*


There are 2 removable palettes in each case.


I liked the fact that each palette is air-sealed.
There's also a plastic cover to cover each palette. :)

And this is the purpose of having the little purple ribbon - To lift the palette up.
Even the smallest details are being taken care of!


An extensive selection of a good mix of matt and shimmery colors!

These are the 120 colors.
You can get a 'color-high' just by owning this palette!


Swatches of some of the colors. Not all, but most are rather highly-pigmented. :)

Each mini color pan is about the size of a Singapore 10-cent coin.

The whole case is so compact and slim to carry around!

So when you have no colors on your very own 'canvas sheet', what can you do?

Brighten it up with colors!
Eye 01
I was playing around with the many colors and having a wacky time and decided to look wacky,
thus the multi-colors on my eyes as seen in the last pic in the image above.
But I will NEVER dare to head out in that multi-color eye makeup! Duh! Heh~

I have always been contemplating of getting the 88 eyeshadow color palette (not Manly brand, another brand) but always fear that I may receive a palette that got damaged during the mailing process. Thus, when Smoocholito contacted me to blog about their birthday contest, which they also sent me the Manly palette (120 colors, not 88 ok?!) while assuring me that they have never encountered a case of damaged palette, I was more than happy. So far, I have been having so much fun playing with the colors and I am sure you will too. :p

If you would like to get the Manly eyeshadow palette, visit Smoocholito site!
Also, do check out their birthday contest [HERE].
You may win that $300 shopping vouchers!
Contest ends 30 Nov 2010, 2359hrs! So hurry!!~

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19 November 2010 at 01:04

You are so beautiful. D3lonely

19 November 2010 at 15:05

@D3 Thanks for the compliment... :)

19 November 2010 at 23:04

Welcome my beautiful princess, D3lonely

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