Song Joong Ki in Singapore for Tony Moly & the Manicure

As much as I am looking forward to Tony Moly's flagship store opening at Bugis Junction in December (more product range, hopefully?), there are others out there who are waiting in anticipation too, for their fave Korean star Song Joong-Ki will be gracing the event.

But why Song Joong Ki? Why not Brown Eyed Girls? :(
B.E.G is my fav Korean female group whom members are also Tony Moly's ambassadors.
Anyway, this is one of the ads, starring that dude with my B.E.G.

Other than the 2 nail polishes which I bought previously, I got myself my third bottle few weeks ago... baby/sweet pink color (Code: ND04). And it is a color which I have not been applying for a long long time mann... 3 years? Or more? Hmm.

My current nail color - Tony Moly (ND04)
Tony Moly pink ND04

Taken a few weeks ago when I just bought the polish.

The red polish on my nails (as seen in the picture above) isn't from Tony Moly, by the way. It's from this brand called 'Oops! Jealous' which Jolin Tsai (蔡依林) developed and branded. It was my first time trying out this nail lacquer brand at the nail parlour which I have a mani + pedi package with. As the mani was a few days old when I took the picture, so it kinda lacked the shine, so pardon me!

Oops! Jealous

I think I am a very boring person... I always tend to go for red color for my mani/pedi. I think my nails are rather surprised that I chose to go with pink this time. What colors would you suggest, other than red? :p

2 Response to Song Joong Ki in Singapore for Tony Moly & the Manicure

13 November 2010 at 23:34

You not boring at all babe, you look pretty with whatever colour you put on your nail. D3lonely

14 November 2010 at 18:54

@D3 hahahah thanks!!! ^_^

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