Hotstamping the Louis Vuitton Gift

Recently, I presented my partner with a gift. It was a Louis Vuitton wallet in damier graphite canvas. In addition, I gave a distinct personalised touch to it - By hotstamping his initials on the wallet.

LV_wallet 01

The hot-stamping service is provided by the French fashion house itself. By choosing to hot stamp the wallet, it certainly added an unique personality and exclusivity to the gift which I have gotten for the Man I love! :)


Since it was nowhere near Christmas, his birthday or our anniversary, so the way that I presented the gift to him was indeed funny and totally out of the blue. Neither did I do a simple "Dear, here's something for you" kind of thing. Instead, I got my sis to assist me with the 'ultra surprise plan'. And I am glad it succeeded as I guessed he was surprised by at least a hundred times more! Ok, I might have exaggerated lah, but my 'ultra surprise plan' certainly upped the surprise factor by five times (ten times???), at least. :p

No matter the surprise factor was by how many times,
as long as he likes it is all that matters. Right? Right! :D

2 Response to Hotstamping the Louis Vuitton Gift

20 November 2010 at 03:26

It won't matter of what you give, as anyone who win your heart already have the best gift. What else can a man ask for to have a beautiful, sweet, cute and sexy gf like you and not even mention to hold you, kissing you and to wake up every morning seeing you laying close to him. You're the the best gift, D3lonely.

24 November 2010 at 02:15

@D3 Haha I totally agree with the first sentence of yours! :p

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