Snow in Singapore

As a way to escape from the hot and humid weather, we visited this place that keeps its temperature below zero degree celsius....

We visited Snow City!

After making the admission payment at the counter, we went to collect the jackets. I also wore the Snow City boots as I wore open-toed footwear, whereas the staff said Bbb's sneakers were suitable. As I felt that it was a hassle if I were to get my own pair of ski gloves from my winter wear container which I stashed above my wardrobe, so we paid another $2.10 for the rental of a pair of ski gloves.


Upon entering the Snow Chamber, I was surprised at how small the place was. I expected something bigger, and there was only one poor slope for people to slide down on, using snow tubes which looked like black rubber life buoys. In addition, it would be good if there was a shorter slope of a more gentle gradient... I think younger kids will have more fun.

Video clip of Bbb sliding down the slope

There were plenty of 'No Cameras allowed' signs plastered all around the vicinity.. . Even with a phone camera. Why so? Perhaps it was because upon entering the snow chamber, there would be a Snow City photographer who would get you to pose with this, this, this and that. And before you leave the building, you can purchase any of the photos taken, at $16 or $18 (cannot remember actual price).

Did I purchase any photos? I planned to, like how we bought a photo of us when we were at The Merlion in Sentosa. But no, we didn't. Why so? Cos of one incident... Read on~

There was a section in the snow chamber which displays a Tiger ice sculpture and the Terracotta Warrior ice sculptures, which also had a bench nearby. After sliding down the slope a few times, we decided to sit on the bench and chat away, while enjoying the cold air. That was a very sweet moment in my opinion, till one Snow City photographer shouted to us rudely from a distance, saying that we could not sit there as it was for photo-taking only. Thus, Bbb asked her where we could sit and she simply turned away... I guessed she realised that there's nowhere else to sit.

I felt it was absurd that the area was meant to be 'for photography only', since it had ice sculpture exhibits that would be nice for people to admire. So those exhibits were nothing but white elephants, and to be cordoned off unless 'for photography only' by the Snow City photographers? Just for the sake of earning that tens of dollars? And by the way, there was no 'Do Not Enter' sign, so we were not wrong to sit down, isn't it?

Still, it didn't deter us from taking photos in the igloo!

Did we enjoy sliding down the slope? Yes, but only for the first few times. Afterwhich, it was kinda boring. We were given a 120 minutes entry, but after 90 minutes, we were out. Maybe it was because for someone who had experienced real snow a couple of times before, I feel that the whole snow thingy was quite fake even though Snow City regard themselves as a place which has "real snow for everybody". Or maybe it was because I was rather pissed with that photographer who told us that we could not sit on the bench despite no signs stating that it was not allowed. Overall, I did not enjoy myself.... I would rather go to an ice-skating rink.

Will I visit again? I guess not. Freaking not fun at all. Unless I become a penguin (my fave animal btw!) one day and I need to cool myself down from Singapore's hot weather.

(Me at Switzerland)

5 Response to Snow in Singapore

2 September 2010 at 15:48

wow the last picture is a wallpaper?

2 September 2010 at 15:55

Wallpaper of? That's me in that pic... :)

2 September 2010 at 16:38

Yikes, didn't seem like a fun experience in Snow City. I see now why plenty of Singaporeans shy away from there

3 September 2010 at 01:12

ya real snow is the best!

Leon Koh 许涵量
Your reader
my blog :
A blog telling of being gay is as normal as being straight..

3 September 2010 at 02:43

@Rinaz Certainly not... I guess the entry price is good enough to shy away from~ :p

@Leon Yup yup! Thanks for reading my blog. Nice blog you have too. :) Have fun at your new home!

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