Fondest memories of Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games

It has been almost a week since the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) ended in Singapore. Even before the 12 days of the YOG, there was so much hype such as for the Journey of the Youth Olympic Flame (JYOF) and the Samsung Human Torch.

And as one of the selected bloggers chosen by Samsung to cover the YOG, I was given the privilege to attend some exclusive YOG-related events. Really thankful for that, otherwise I wouldn't have the opportunity to witness several spectacular YOG moments!

So what is my top 10 fondest memories of the Singapore 2010 YOG?

[ONE] - Witnessing the lighting-up of the Samsung Human Torch at 2010 hours, which consisted of 2010 students, whom had formed a giant torch shape. That moment was simply beautiful and breathtaking.
Youth Olympic Games 2010 - Samsung Human Torch

[TWO] - Taking photos with two local celebrities at the Samsung Human Torch event! One was with Sezairi Sezali, 2009's Singapore Idol winner (Psst... his hand on my shoulder, kays?!). The other photo was with none other than Lyo, one of the two mascots for the first YOG! I still remembered how many people were trying to have a chance to take a photo with him. I am so glad I managed to take this one shot with LYO, the 'Lion of the Youth Olympics'.


[THREE] - Thanks to Samsung Singapore for this special entry pass to the concert. And I was seated at the second row from the front. Can you imagine how ultra close was that to the Korean bands - 4Minute and BEAST?!? LOL! :p There were also a number of people who managed to get tickets to watch them perform. And how they did that? They simply participated in contests held by Samsung at their Facebook page ( or by purchasing a Samsung Galaxy S mobile phone set.


[FOUR] - Guess many fans of 4Minute and BEAST would have been upset that they didn't manage to catch Korean bands, 4Minute and BEAST, performing live at The Promontory. Well, you can view the photos at this [LINK].

4minuteBeast, Korean group

[FIVE] - This was the closest that I have ever seen him in real life. I guessed the only other time that I have seen him was when I attended one of the National Day Parades many years back (and that was super far away). So I was mad excited when I was able to get this close with MM Lee Kuan Yew. However, it was not that close still, since I took this with a 18-200mm lens and I zoomed in to the max. Even till now, I am still feeling very happy about it. :p


[SIX] - To know that local bands and performing groups received huge support and gained recognition in an international event such as the YOG. For the City Celebration @ Marina Bay, there were so many local acts which performed throughout the whole period. It is time that local talents are given the opportunity to showcase what they are made of! :D

Urban Drum CrewElectrico

[SEVEN] - Being a part of the crowd at the YOG Opening Ceremony was certainly one of my top fondest memories of the YOG. I witnessed the lighting of the cauldron LIVE, and that was so awe-inspiring and enchanting that it took my breath away. You have to watch the video that I captured!!! >>>

[EIGHT] - My favourite! Something I look forward to each New Year's Day, National Day and during the Chinese New Year period..... FIREWORKS! During the Opening Ceremony, fireworks were displayed every now and then! It was like a buffet of firework displays and I have never seen so many sets of it being showcased in one event in Singapore! Never ever! I was in for an astounding evening at the YOG Opening Ceremony! ^_^


[NINE] - How many medals did Singapore haul from the YOG 2010? A total of seven - 2 Silvers and 5 Bronzes. Not that bad, I would say. I am so proud of Singapore's youth athletes... Whether they have won or lost, at least I believed they have tried their best. Moreover, the YOG is not just about winning, as promoted as, and also mentioned by Michael Phelps, international swimming star and one of YOG ambassadors.

Isabelle Li won the silver medal in Table Tennis

[TEN] - My final fondest memories...... When louder cheers were heard when the Singapore flag was brought out during the Opening Ceremony, for the flag-raising segment. When everyone stood still and sang the National Anthem aloud and with pride. It really showed me what Singapore is made of - Being able to host the inaugural YOG with so much success. Despite being a small country, Singapore has achieved so much, and I wish nothing but the very best for her!


So what's your fondest memories of the YOG?
Do leave a comment and share with me! :)

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