Holiday @ Ko Lanta (Day 1)

With my Significant Other, we strolled along the white sandy beach while basking in the sunset. I can never forget the magnificent view of the Andaman sea, with nothing but the vast blue boundless sea in sight. I would have thought that I was in Paradise, if not for the calming and therapeutic sounds made by the waves hitting the shores which draws me back into reality, awakening me from my trance...


Oh yes... I sensed new adventures and experiences awaiting me during my five-day stay at Ko Lanta Yai, an island south of Thailand, with its beauty and paradisiacal charm which is still unmarred by tourism.


Upon arriving at the Krabi International Airport, we were received by our hotel representative before we embarked on a 2.5 hours journey from Krabi to Koh Lanta Yai. As it was the low season, the only way to reach the island was by land transport and two river crossings. The minivan that I travelled on is the blue-white vehicle which you can see in the photo below. Upon reaching the river bank, vehicles waited in line to cross the river.

But how are the vehicles going to cross the river?

Here's how! :)

After crossing the first river, we continued our journey on the road, before having to cross the second river. Once that was done, we have arrived on Ko Lanta Yai and were on our way to the hotel that we would be staying at. The whole journey from the Airport was long and bumpy, yet the excitement that was within me acted as a distraction.

In no time, we arrived at our hotel - Layana Resort and Spa.
A hotel located at Phra-Ae Beach (Long Beach).


The driveway to the main lobby

Through these stairs...

We arrived at the main lobby.

We were welcomed by the front desk officers whom led us to the seats nearby after putting flower garlands round our necks. In addition, we were greeted by names, and that was even before we introduced ourselves. It was as if they were expecting us and that certainly left a deep impression on me. Also, Bob, the hotel's owner/MD had a chat with us and gave us a lil introduction of the island and hotel. With our luggages being handled by the other staff, we were presented with a very nice iced flower tea and cold hand towels (life-saver in that heat!).


After we were done with the check-in procedures,
we were off on a buggy ride to our room.

We stayed in the Garden Pavilion Room, housed in a double-storey villa.

The guest service officer brought us on a 'mini-tour' around the room (which totally amused me). Cos she showed us where the safebox, room slippers, cloth robes, air-conditioner control, fan switch, television set, dvd player, minibar, electric hot water flask, balcony, the bathroom, hair dryer, etc., were There was no such introduction or mini tour at the hotels of similar standards which I stayed at previously... Instead, it was left to our own devices to explore the room. So this was certainly something worth pointing out and praising about. :)

View of the room, from the door.

Our bed.

Close-up of the cute sea shells cloth across the bed.

Oooo.... A pillow menu~

The day-bed.

Lying down on that big and comfortable bed.
As I laid down on the bed, I read the personalized welcome letter, signed by Bob

Complimentary fresh fruit platter daily, which I did not touch at all.
(Thought that it looks rather 'fake' and not juicy enough).

The balcony, overlooking a plot of lush green lawn.

The bathroom.

The toiletries.

Pictures of us, before we got changed into the cloth robes provided.
(Yes, I was without make-up. The au naturale Me.)

What better way to start off the relaxing holiday trip by lying on the bed watching HBO movies, cuddling together till we doze off! And that's what we did, waking up just in time for Layana's famous BBQ dinner, which happens only on Saturdays! There were not only different types of appetizers, salads and pasta that were prepared upon order, there were also beef, pork, chicken, prawns which would only be cooked upon order and grilled to perfection. The juicy beef steak which I had was cooked to the exact doneness which I wanted.... Simply perfecto!

Here are some of the food that we had.


Strawberry Smoothie

The strawberry smoothie was not included in the dinner nor found in the drink menu, but I could order it. Why? Simply because in the earlier chat with Bob, he mentioned that the kitchen can prepare almost anything that we would like to eat, especially with the many chefs they have! When I heard that, I was thinking of foie gras, escargots, and even a puffin heart. LOL! But at least I know Layana is a place where one can have almost any food that one craves for! :p

We returned to the room after a hearty meal.

We arrived back at our room to find it made up and the bed prepared for a good night rest (notice the difference from the earlier picture of the bed?). This meant that the various departments communicated between each other and were informed that we were out of the room, since we did not put a request for it. What discreetness... I like~


Marshmallows by the frangipani flower.

The first day at Ko Lanta was slow and relaxing. With more to come in the following few days, it will be shared with you guys in my future blog entries. Stay tuned! :)

*All pictures were taken with my new camera - Canon Powershot SX210 IS.

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2 Response to Holiday @ Ko Lanta (Day 1)

4 September 2010 at 02:36

You look so beautiful in your naturale self. Can't wait to see more of your beautiful update. The weather in thailand will be hot so wear less but put on more sun block and drink more water. Enjoy your trip but at the sametimes must not make any suffer, just want you to enjoy the trip. You really look very pretty even without any make-up. D3lonely

20 September 2010 at 02:58

@D3 Thanks for your nice comments, Yes, the weather was really hot in Thailand. But there was also some rain as it was the monsoon season.

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