Holiday @ Ko Lanta (Day 4) - Part 1

Arising to a brand new day. You watch her for awhile. You kiss her lips lightly as she sleeps. And then you saw her smile. She opens her eyes and sees you gazing at her while stroking her hair. You know you have found love the day that you found her...


I always look forward to breakfast at Layana as there is a wide breakfast selection to choose from. I realised that some food ingredients may be the same, but the chefs prepared it in different ways that it did not feel boring even though it was the third morning breakfast I had at Layana. :p

View of Layana's Tides Restaurant

Situated on the very edge of the beach, the restaurant overlooks the sea. Each morning, I marvelled at the beautiful view before me. As I admired the white sandy beach and the blue sea, the cooling sea breeze added to the paradisiacal feel.


This was what I see each morning...


No island, no ships when I look out towards the sea...
Just the sea... till the horizon...


The Sundowners Bar...
One can order a cocktail or two and have it by the pool or at the al fresco tentage area.


Or have your drinks served to you at the lounge area...
While you lazed there chatting with your partner or reading a novel.

It was so laidback and relaxing as I lounged around.. :p

The swimming pool.

A panoramic view of the pool and jacuzzi.
(I pieced 3 photos to make this shot and I admit Im not quite good in doing so.
Hence do pardon me.)

The library...
Very breezy, esp with its open concept area, high ceiling and ceiling fans. :)


You can use the (two) computer terminals and printer that are in the library. There was some chess-like games (or something like that, don't exactly know). There were newspapers and many novels and guide books to take and read. And not forgetting the good DVD selection (complimentary loan)! I borrowed a few DVDs to watch it in the comfort of my comfortable room (I LOVE THE ROOM!!)

And this is me once again... :p

The rows of photos hanging on the wall are photos
of the "Best Employee of the month" awardees.


After the little walk around the resort after breakfast, we hopped onto our bike and zoomed off to the eastern part of the Ko Lanta island to visit a picturesque old capital town, that has a history dating back to more than a century years - Lanta Old Town.

Lanta Old Town is a small village that once served as a major Asian sea port up until about 50 years ago (as roads and automobiles were developed and introduced, by then which linked Ko Lanta Yai to the main island). This was where large junk ships registered with Thai Customs when entering into Thailand waters from the ports in Malaysia, Singapore and China.

By the way, this small town is part of the United Nations Development Fund (UNEF) program, which aims to help preserve its rich cultural history that it contains.

Upon arriving at this small quaint little town, we rode along the main road that was simply a long and straight road from one end of the town to the other end. Along the way, we passed by many wooden shophouses that still stood strong despite its age.

Such as this.

And this.

You may notice the Chinese wordings on the signboard in the photo below... Well that is because, Lanta Old Town is mainly inhabited by the Thai Chinese. There are also the Thai Muslims and seas gypsy people of the Urak Lawoi clan in this town. Of which, these three population groups co-exist harmoniously for the past 200 years or so.


And it was at Lanta Old Town where I saw the most Thai Chinese people. In the northern and western parts of Ko Lanta, I came across more Thai Muslims. And by the way, about 95% of the human population in Ko Lanta are Muslim. Hence, I also chanced upon more mosques than buddhist temples (Saw 1 temple only, and another that was still in construction).

The town is surrounded by mangrove forests all around.

And wooden-stilted houses by the sea.

It was only in the recent years that there are accomodations in Lanta Old Town for visitors. Before that, you could probably stay at your friend's home in this town (That is, if you even have a friend in Ko Lanta, though I think highly unlikely right?). However, as there is not much in this town, do not expect to find a 24-hour convenience store as easily as you can find in the western part of the island!


I spotted a lighthouse from afar and got Bbb to stop by the road side. We then got off the bike and walked towards it. It looked like it was no longer in use and it was quite rundown.



There was an old and rusty spiral stairs that led to the top of the tower. Bbb went up the stairs while I watched from the bottom. Once he climbed to a height of a second level, I got him to get down as he commented that the stairs felt shaky and unstable. I was imagining the unthinkable - What if the stairs (despite its metal structure) were to give way while Bbb is on it? :X





I do quite like this picture...
It gives me a very soothing feeling for some reason.

After the visit to Lanta Old Town, we rode towards Saladan Town, while passing by rubber plantations, fishing ponds and mangrove forests along the way. Despite the hot weather that day, it felt so carefree and relaxing on the bike ride, along the long curvy stretch of road.


More to come in Part 2 of my Day 4 blog entry! :)

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