Holiday @ Ko Lanta (Day 4) - Part 2

(Continued from Day 4 Part 1 entry)

Once we were done exploring Lanta Old Town, we rode a fair distance all the way to Saladan Town. This little town is located at the northern part of Ko Lanta Yai and it can be considered as the main arrival/departure port for the island's visitors as the ferry port is situated here. Thus, this is where you can find the most shops clustered together in the whole of Ko Lanta Yai.

What you can find in Saladan Town:
1. Massage Shops: There were only 2 shops available. One was air-conditioned, whereas the other was not and is connected to a floating wooden house (More about this later).

2. Supermarket: There was only one in the whole of Ko Lanta. It was rather dim as they did not switch on all the lights. And I found some imported products from the Scandinavian nations. There are of course, small minimarts and 24-hours convenience stores around the island (mostly in the Western part of Ko Lanta)

3. Bank: Need I say more? :)

4. Travel agencies: For those who are interested to visit the nearby islands, you can book the day trips here. Some agencies also handle flight bookings of international airlines.

5. Dive shops: Koh Lanta has great diving sites nearby as the island is located at the southern Andaman Sea (it's really beautiful underwater! No, I didn't dive but I have seen some underwater photos taken).

6. Hotels/motels/inns/guesthouses: Choose from many for your comfort. But I would prefer staying along the beaches... Especially Layana! LOL! Certainly heading back to Layana if I am ever back in Koh Lanta! :p

7. Shops: Selling CDs, clothes, beach wear, handicrafts, souvenirs, etc.

8. Cafes/Restaurants/Bars/: You can taste Thai food in many of the eateries found in Saladan Town. Or have Western food here. There are also seafood floating restaurants facing the sea (best to go in the evening as the whole sea is pitch black at night, totally not romantic).

Well, that's all I can think of. There may be more, but it is for you to explore :p Do note that all information listed above are accurate as of 25 August 2010. :)

So we rode past Saladan Town, noting to ourselves to visit this German bakery/cafe later, after we refreshed ourselves back in the hotel. Each time I stepped back into our hotel, it was like we were entering into some paradise, as it was a stark contrast to the whole island. I guess that's the beauty and attraction to it.

Me on a Buggy.

Despite the past days which we were staying in Layana, we did not hang out at the balcony area. So we did just that on this day, and why not... Especially when the weather was oh-so-perfect! Hence, we were snacking and drinking while chatting away. Our very simple moment, which I found it rather sweet. :)

When I was in Phuket (Feb 2010), as well as in Ko Lanta, I was basically buying bottles of
Calpis to drink. This's one of my fave drinks and can be found in Isetan Shaw and the Japanese supermarket in The Central. This drink is sold really cheap in Thailand! But in a small bottle capacity though.

Me holding my Calpis bottle. And Bbb snacking some chocolate-coated biscuits and drinking black soy milk.

Once we have refreshed ourselves, showered and all, we headed towards the direction of Saladan Town so as to visit the German bakery cafe we saw (It is located at the ride side, if you are heading in the direction I was heading to). It was not easy to spot the cafe though. The cafe is owned by a really friendly German lady. There were several sets to select from. The prices were rather reasonable, though the portion was rather small, in my opinion.

Bbb's set.

My set. German sausage. The bread is rather nice, esp if you were to apply the jam.

After the afternoon snack, we headed to the beach and spent some time admiring the scenery. What I like about a beach holiday is being able to spend time at the beach and admire the natural beauty around. Since young, I love viewing the endless sea, hearing and watching the waves rushing towards the shore and crashing away, and of course watching the sun sets.





Watching the sunsets in Phuket will be more beautiful. One can really see a big red-orange yolk in the sky and it is as if its so near you! Unlike in Ko Lanta, where the sun is indeed far away. But then again, I haven't been lucky to see a beautiful sunset in Ko Lanta as it was cloudy for the past evenings.


There were PLENTY of these on the sand..... Some sand designs you say?

Maybe! And it's the work of these little small white creatures...
Little white crabs! Can you spot one in the picture below?


Me at Klong Dao Beach.

There were only us on the beach....
Other than a group of young boys playing beach soccer a distance away. :p


I started hopping over waves after waves as they approached me...

And I started skipping away...
Kicking water up into the air in the process...

I felt so carefree... Really miss the quiet beaches.... But then again, I went during Green Season. I guess it will pretty crowded during High Season. The waves were rather tame at this timing. If only I had my swimwear on, I would have jumped in and swim in the beautful Andaman Sea! :p






As it was very cloudy, we could not even see the sun setting over the horizon. What a pity! We returned to our hotel to rest and headed towards Saladan Town for a massage. It was 8pm by then and 75% of the shops there were already closed.

We went to one of the two massage shops in Saladan Town for our oil massage (300 baht per person). The masseur told us that as it was the Green Season, most shops close as early as 7pm. And she told me most shops close at 10pm during Peak Season when I asked.

Feeling relaxed after the one-hour oil body massage, we went in search for food (very limited choices since more shops were closed by that time). We settled our dinner at this little home-cum-outdoor eatery. We had beef noodles.... So hungry that we had a bowl each and we ordered a third bowl for sharing. Of course, the beef noodles tasted delicious! :)

Since there was nothing to do out on the streets at night in Ko Lanta (only 2 or 3 pubs available, if you are interested to know), we headed back to our hotel and spent our night watching 2 DVD movies in our room.

A very relaxing and slow day today... I like! :)

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