Holiday @ Ko Lanta (Day 3) - Part 2

After we were done exploring the cave in Ko Lanta (as blogged about in this post), we rode back to our hotel, where we planned to have some fun at its private beach.

But for this time (and only this once), we did not put on our helmets as we were rather tired and sticky after exploring the cave, and having the wind to blow against us as we rode along was simply AWESOME! So cooling and VERY carefreeeeeee!!!

In Ko Lanta, the traffic rules are not as strict as compared to nearby Phuket. For example, the police in Phuket conducts road blocks very often to issue fines to those who ride bikes without licences, and those without helmets. For Ko Lanta, everything is more laid-back so it is less likely that you will be stopped for the similar reasons. Maybe because there is lesser traffic and crowd in Ko Lanta? *shrugs* But of course, Bbb has a bike licence. :p









Reminded me of Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt on a motorbike.
(P/s: I am not likening Bbb and me to them hor!)

Upon reaching our hotel, we went straight to the beach, but not before getting the pool towels as we passed by the pool area. We decided to have Sex on the Beach... Erm no, we did not order that (nor done it there). We ordered Strawberry Smoothie for each of us instead. However, it did not taste as nice and sweet as the very first one I had. *Disappointed* I suspected that it was not done by the same bartender.


As we laid the resort's pool towel on the sandy beach, we placed our stuff on it and I stripped to my swimwear, preparing to have some fun with the great big white-capped waves. The waves were rather big and the high tide timing was near, so it was not safe to swim in the sea. But it did not stop me from having some fun in the water! :p

Bbb, didn't strip to his swimwear that soon as he was enjoying his drink,
While enjoying the awesome view infront of him........

He was enjoying watching his girlfriend...
(I am the view infront of him what.... Yah yah yahhh) :p


I had no idea that the waves were rushing towards me!
In no time, I was all wet! Totally caught me off guard!

After getting hit by the waves.

Probably a rather idiotic pose (and facial expression to add)..
But it was as if I was commanding the waves to rise! Never felt so powerful :p


Smoothie on the Beach.


~ IN L♥VE ~

Bbb and me :)

As night falls, we headed to the hotel's pool area and ordered another round of strawberry smoothie for ourselves. With much hope that it would taste as splendid as the first glass I had at Layana (that's during the dinner on the day we arrived in Ko Lanta) it was a let-down. Thankfully for Bbb who decided to ask for more syrup from the bar counter at the Sundowner bar, after my repeated 'Not sweet at all!' complaints (or rather, whinings) to him. :p


It was lovely to swim in the evening... And not forgetting the big jacuzzi pool too! :D

Us with our drinks!

Sipping smoothie while enjoying the jacuzzi~ :p

We swam a couple of laps before we headed back to our room and freshen up for dinner. We decided to head out of the resort for our meal so we rode along the streets, to search for a place to eat, making do with the few street lamps that were not doing a great job in illuminating the road, while having to bear with our hungry tummies that were growling away! :p

As we visited Ko Lanta island during the low (green) season, most shops were closed by 7-8pm. Few cafes and restaurants were available at that time, with few street stalls still opened. We managed to "shortlist" 3 stalls before deciding on this stall.

And boy, we have made a good choice indeed!

The whole place was managed and run by only one lady. She was busy preparing the dishes ordered by the other patron of her stall - A huge family made up of westener men and thai women with their mixed offspring. Despite waiting for her to finish cooking the family's order, it only took awhile for her to whip up our meal that was simply savory! By the way, I chose this place because when we rode past, I noticed it was a lady (of a mother age) who was cooking and I figured out that perhaps, the food may be more local, more homely... Something that one would probably eat at a Thai home. Perhaps it was just a psychological theory of mine, but really.... the food tasted really authentic and homely. It was delicious! Ko Lanta visitors, you HAVE to try the food at this stall!

Bbb's White rice with beef, fried egg and veggies.

Papaya Salad.

Tom Yum Soup.

My Beef Phad Thai.

I don't have the exact address, but it is just before the small road leading to Royal Lanta hotel. That is, in the direction heading to Saladan town. :)

Cougars are very "IN" these days!
Think: Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher.
I HAD to snap a picture of this when I saw it! :p


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5 Response to Holiday @ Ko Lanta (Day 3) - Part 2

14 September 2010 at 23:54

You always look pretty and sexy, but in your bikini, you look extra spice in it. This is not the first time you post with Bikini, but it awhile since you last blog with one. Love that idiotic pose, you look not only pretty, sexy and also very cute. D3lonely

15 September 2010 at 22:03

So nice! Looking forward to reading the next parts :-)

18 September 2010 at 23:29

You work at orchard today? Wearing a shining blue top and bottom with white heel? think saw you again. d3lonely

20 September 2010 at 03:00

@D3 Thanks for the comment..... Yup its been long since I posted a bikini shot...
I think the last time was when I appeared in the newspaper for a swimwear shot? Cant really remember. :X

@Rinaz :)

27 September 2010 at 12:42

Nice trip...I hope that you will be back soon.

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