Randoms in the recent weeks

I know I haven't been blogging as much as I usually do. I was really busy with work, holiday planning and bbb's birthday. Anyway, here's some random stuff in the last few weeks.

Honey, I shrunk the kids burgers.
Look how small they are, as compared to the Mac fries? :p


Every week, bbb goes to his muay thai training near the Central (Clark Quay).
So I receive a packet of my fave passion fruit rock candies from Sticky weekly!

Other than the weekly Sticky candies, he gets me my fave drink too! (^_^)
From the Japanese food/drink shop in Central.

A big parcel arrived!

I swear by Queen Helene products (read my past post)

Drugstore.com Haul

When we went shopping for a handheld vacuum cleaner, Bbb decided to get me a table lamp too. Cos he felt that my eyesight would get worse, based on the amount of time I spent facing the computer for work and leisure. He said "Eye Care for You" (Look at the box in pic below and you'll geddit). LOL LOL!


He also got me the hair curler as I wanted one. But he commented that I wouldn't use it like how I still have not used the hair straightener that was bought 7 months ago. I told him, "I will, I willlllll". (But you see, it can mean the next day or even a year later, right? LOL!). Well I did use the hair straightener a few days later. Now, when will I start using the hair curler? Not 7 months later, I hope! :p


My nails. As hard as nails, I need not get nail extensions. They refused to chip off!
*thinks how nice they will look with a bright crimson red shade painted on them*

Was doing a hair bun any-o-how, but I realised it was rather round.
What's missing was the hair spray to make it neater. Don't ya think so?

Was going to Repo Men movie premiere when I saw photo opportunities!
We had a few minutes of fun with the gigantic toy packaging box. :p

Was sucking on Chupa Chups's double-flavored lollipop while watching
my current fave TV series --- PRETTY LITTLE LIARS.

In this show, I like Aria (the girl in the pic below), as well as Emily.

I fell in love with this song that they use for the opening.
And btw, it sux if you ever found out that a very good friend of yours (best friend, maybe?) couldn't keep your secret(s). Such friendship is meant to be let go, I guess.

And yes, I'm following the Pretty Little Liars (PLL) tv series weekly, always waiting impatiently for the newest episode to be screened! PLL is really awesome, you should watch it!!! I know Mio TV airs it. But why pay, when you can watch it on abcfamily.com?

The PLL television series was based on a 8-book series by Sara Shepard. I was so thrilled when I happened to find one of it in the public library (read a sample here) when I visited the library to borrow some travel books for my upcoming trips!!! (^_^)

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3 August 2010 at 00:53

I think with a bright crimson red shade painted on your beautiful nail, it will look sexy. And you will always look pretty and sexy even if your hair was messy. D3lonely

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