Canon's Blogger Dinner

Invited by Canon's PR company, Ogilvy, I attended a dinner event that Canon organized for bloggers last Thursday. It was held at this cozy two-storey restaurant named Jolly Frog, located along Neil Road.



What was this blogger event about?
Did Canon show an upcoming top-secret camera model to this exclusive group of people? Or were we given the opportunity to test the Canon's futuristic concept camera that was being demonstrated at Expo 2010 in Shanghai last month? Well, nope! All we did was to fill our stomachs with food and drinks, while chatting away with whoever that was there that evening! It was for the purpose of forming new friendships and maintaining current ones, I'd say... And it was super laid-back and fun! Thanks Canon and Ogilvy for the wonderful evening! Love you all! :)


I LOVE THIS! Ice Blended Caramel!

Jolly Frog's thin-crusted pizzas were delicious!

These were some of the bloggers who came for the dinner gathering. *SPOT ME*
Photo taken by Chester.
Nat Ho was there too! The Tech65 team was there too.

It was an awesome evening for me. Afterall, I belong to the Canon camp, whereby my DSLR is a Canon. Even my printer is a Canon. Now, it all depends if my upcoming digicam that I'm gonna buy in August/September will also be a Canon brand. HEE~

And shoutout to Valerie! It was nice talking to you! :D

If you are interested to know more about the Canon's futuristic concept camera
which they demo-ed at Expo 2010, check out the video below:

And guess what happened today?!
More than 15cm of my hair length got trimmed off!
Pics and more - Soon to come! :p

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6 August 2010 at 11:16

Hihi! Yups, really nice chat we had :) See you around!

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