Bakerzin Dessert

One of my favourite dessert is the chocolate lava cake. I know that there are many places where they serve this particular dessert. But when I had the sudden craving for it last week, it was a quick drive to the nearby Bakerzin outlet. And in no time, I was a happy girl! (^_^)

Bakerzin 270710_3

If you had read my previous blog post, I vaguely mentioned that I trimmed (colored and treated too) my hair on Tuesday. I measured my hair length today and found out that my hair is actually shorter now, by 25cm. That's quite a change, isn't it? All I can say is that its length is something like the one in the pic below.

(That's me, in late 2006)

So I said bye-bye to my ultra 'touching-butt' long hair that requires 2 hours to be completely air-dried each time I shampoo it. :p
(YESsss.. TWO HOURS. Crazy right??!)
(My hair length is quite obvious in this pic taken weeks ago)

Latest pics of me to be updated!
Stay tuned! :)

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