His Birthday 2010

This year's birthday celebration for Bbb was somewhat different...

He had a NS recall during the week of his birthday. He spent his birthday in camp. The surprise of appearing at the camp gate with a 'Happy Birthday' helium balloon and cake was spoilt by the bad thunderstorm that afternoon. Undaunted, I made my way to his camp, however without the helium balloon...

The Cake for Him

A slice of Strawberry Shortcake from Bakerzin
(Canele's Strawberry Shortcake tastes better!)

Why I bought only a slice cos his mum bought him the cake already.
Which we then celebrated for him with his family and relatives.
And why a slice cos I read from somewhere that one can't cut cake or blow birthday candles more than once. Since I was unsure which is 'right', a slice of cake is the safest - Need not cut nor have any candle. LOL!

A handmade card for him, with a birthday poem I have written.

Where we had his birthday dinner.

This restaurant (Peperoni Pizzeria) is located at Greenwood Avenue. I knew how much he likes the thin-crusted pizzas from this restaurant, so I decided to bring him here for his birthday dinner. What's more, we decided to challenge ourselves to complete the pizza that we were planning to order...

A 21 inch pizza!!!

XXL-sized, ok!!?

One can choose two pizza 'flavors' from the various types of pizza that they have

We chose Suprema (the one with chicken sausages)...
As well as our all-time fave, the one with Parma Ham with rockets! :)


I requested for a specific table when I called in to make the reservation.
As that's where we sat for his last year's bday dinner too.
(P/s: It is recommended to reserve a table to avoid any disappointment.)


The Birthday Boy.... and a naked happy pig :p

And we conquered it all!!!

Took a pic with the birthday boy

The Pizza Menu

Ice water at $150. Extra Ice for $100. No kidding...

Ok, yes, I was kidding.
It's free.

And yes, I am a bad girlfriend. I did not get a birthday present for him, yet. I know he wanted to buy something from an Ebay online store but they did not have it in his size. So I went all over the WORLD (wide web) and managed to source for it in XX country! Considering the place of origin for that item, I can't believe its found in XX! And what luck, afterall I have a flight scheduled to XX in September! Hooray! Till then, hope the boyfriend doesn't read my blog. :p

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2 August 2010 at 02:24

wah, happy birthday to BBB!!! Hahaha :-)

2 August 2010 at 13:23

Wow ! The pizza looks HUGH AND YUMMYYYYYYY !!!!!!!! :)

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