Dinner at TCC

Before I went off for the Samsung Human Torch event, I had an early dinner at TCC with @anthonyl1m last Friday at the Central. I found out that they have changed the menu since Monday so I was quite disappointed when I realised that Beef Mozza Tofu was taken out from the menu. This was one snack dish I always order, be it if I am at TCC for a meal, or simply at TCC for coffee.

Ordered my coffee: Luscious Bonding.
TCC - Luscious Bonding

A generous serving of caramel was added into the tall glass of latte. As much as I love MacDonald's Apple Dippers and KOI's Caramel Milk Tea cos they both comes with my favourite caramel, it was quite a turn-off when I couldn't taste the caramel in the Luscious Bonding, after mixing it well with the latte.

Pan-seared Chicken Breast with Shogayaki Sauce
 Pan-seared Chicken Breast with Shogayaki Sauce

@anthonyl1m ordered the dish as seen in the photo above. The food was presented stylishly and I love love loveeeee the shogayaki sauce (You must try it!). It was my first time tasting this sauce, its rather sweet and really unique. I helped myself to the sauce, matching it with my own food that I ordered. Hee.

Baked Chicken Thigh with Wholegrain Mustard Sauce
Baked Chicken Thigh with Wholegrain Mustard Sauce

The chicken meat was soft and tender. I usually not eat the chicken skin, but this skin was delicious that I eat all of 'em! The mini potatoes (and its skin) were so cute that I ate it all. I preferred the shogayaki sauce from @anthonyl1m's dish, but I preferred my chicken. If only both can be combined, it would be a luscious bonding (name inspired by the Luscious Bonding coffee that I ordered. Hee!)!

*Hopes that beef mozza tofu can be reintroduced back into the menu*
Me at TCC on 23 July 2010

5 Response to Dinner at TCC

28 July 2010 at 21:26

Nice shots! You used flash for the photos? :)


28 July 2010 at 21:37

@a_x Yup flash was used for the food+drink shots. :)

28 July 2010 at 22:13

I love the Hazelnut Latte!

31 July 2010 at 11:12

Nice, and you always look so attractive and lovely. D3lonely

2 August 2010 at 00:38

@Rinaz Never try that before! For me, as long as its anything caramel, I'll love it. HEH!

@D3 Thanks~~

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