Bee Problem to Bee Massacre

For the past week, I face a battle with bees. And it is an ongoing annoying, yet scary problem....

It started out as bbb and I returned back to find dozens of bees flying around EACH of the public corridor lights. I was horrified. But more horrified when I had to take a bath with a bee standing guard by the toilet light above me! Imagine being bare naked and without any form of defence, coupled with the fear of being stung... I bathed in fear!

So imagine my delight when I saw this 'sad' sight at 8am in the next morning.
I'm so saddistic, right? Who asked them to make me feel so jumpy? I couldnt' even enjoy my bath!

I realised that the bees tend to be at somewhere else during the day. Come night, they start to fly into the toilet to station themselves on the wall. At every chance that the toilet light is being switched on, they start to fly towards the light and make that scary buzzing sound. Second night that I had to bathe with bees flying above...

Since nothing happened during my previous two night baths (ie. Getting stung), I was more brave on the third night when I bathed. Other than the usual shampoo-conditioner-shower foam combi, I also decided to scrub and mask my face. After I was done with my bath, I looked up in curiosity and OMGOSH... There were six bees congregating around the light! It was as if they were participating in a 'Most Beautiful pair of wings' beauty pageant, and they needed proper lighting to better examine those six pairs of wings!

And so.... Wrapped only in a towel, dripping wet and feeling very terrified, I ran out quickly. And I thought I could have a nice relaxing bath. Well, I was wrong.

The next night, I was no longer "Little Nice Feliza". Instead, I turned into 'Big Nasty Feliza' and I did it my way (Elvis's song!) by catching the bee and plucking off its wings. Of course not! I did not do that... I'm still rather fearful of the bees!

So I got the brave and macho boyfriend to do the honor of killing it. So little bee, please seek revenge from him, not me! *evil laugh* I took a picture of it, after making sure it was 100% dead. Of course, I stood at a distance away to take that shot. Why would I want to be close to someone (in this case, a bee) who made my life a living hell? :p Hence, the photo, as seen below, is a cropped version cos I don't want to be close to the bee. So pardon the bluriness.

Little Bee, you are soooooo DEAD! Literally dead!

There was no bee problem for Wednesday night, since bbb did the sniper killing on Tuesday night. And guess what I found on Thursday late afternoon?!!


When I saw the sight of this...

And this...

And this!!!

A freaking bee massacre that I simply had to video it down!

Some time this week, I did an Internet search and discovered that there are people reporting about the bee problem in the Stomp website. And no, my bee problem is not happening in the same areas that have been reported in Stomp....

Not in Sembawang...

Not in Tampines...

Not in Hougang...

Finally.... Not in Serangoon Central.

I am not sure what type of bees they are, despite looking through many websites and pictures. Yes, tons of pictures that eventually caused me to get goosebumps and caused my arm hairs to stand on end.

One reason why the bees are flying everywhere may be due to the fact that their 'homes' have been destroyed. This reminded me of a bee-related show I watched either on Discovery Channel or National Geographic channel last year, where the show mentioned about honey bees being near to extinction and the worrying issue of the colony collapse disorder (CCD).

Bbb said that one of the many reasons of bee extinction could be due to mobile phone signal which caused the bees to lose their way home. Hence, they died. But he added that other factors such as pesticide in plants and flowers may have caused this phenomenon. We both aren't sure, so we shall leave it to the experts and scientists to do more research. :p

As much as honey bees are vital for the continuation of the human population as they help to pollinate the food that we eat, which thus you may protest with the bee massacre... However, with videos such as follow, you may have a second opinion.

With this, I shall end it off with this (though kinda not related to the bee issue):
A description of himself by the man himself >>> Muhammad Ali / Cassius Clay Jr.
"Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee"

3 Response to Bee Problem to Bee Massacre

9 July 2010 at 11:07

OHMYGAWD. that's terrifying! once a cockroach came into my room and i didnt sleep the entire night. -_-"

9 July 2010 at 11:54

I'm worried about why this is happening. While bees can be quite dangerous to us humans, they are quite necessary for life on this planet! Hope whatever is out of balance gets back into balance soon, so humans and bees can be safe.

12 July 2010 at 21:53

@Daphne Haha! I would get it killed so that I can have a good night sleep mann!

@Kelvin Some say the world is ending.... :p I think many factors cause this problem. And I believe most of these factors are caused by us humans. So if we can sting or anything, we have only ourselves to blame. :(

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