Eat Jap! Eat Ramen!

Awhile ago, I had dinner at one of my favourite ramen shop. Other than the usual tables and chairs, there is also the counter-styled seating arrangement, which reminds me of those little ramen shops that I saw in Japan then. With limited seats at this small but popular 'Japanese-styled Chinese food' establishment, its best to go before or after the lunch/dinner crowd.

I don't know what sauce it was, but it certainly went well with the chicken.

The popular gyozas.
I had to flip it to this side, as the underneath were mainly charred (to my disappointment indeed!). You can match it with the clear vinegar that they offer... something different from the usual brownish vinegar. :)

My cha-shu ramen.

This reminds me of risotto, or better known as 'mui fan' (

So where is this place? Perhaps you guys have went before. It's Gyoza no Ohsho, a stall located right at the entrance of Cuppage Plaza (facing Cuppage Terrace). If I happen to be around Cuppage area and have a craving for ramen, I'd actually choose between this outlet, or another ramen store that is a stone's throw away - Noodle House Ken, located at Orchard Plaza.

p/s: Noodle House Ken wins hands down as the soup base is actually double-boiled for 8 hours, with absolutely no MSG added. Now this is what I call choosing a healthier living. :p

Another ramen place I recommend is Marutama Ramen... They have two branches (which I have been to both) - At The Central and Liang Court. Read this entry about my visit to Marutama Ramen (Liang Court). The other time I dined at the same outlet was the day that I went to Liang Court for an Astroboy performance. I'd say the queue was not as bad as the one at Central.

Any other ramen stores that you can recommend?
Do leave me a comment! :)

4 Response to Eat Jap! Eat Ramen!

28 May 2010 at 13:34

hey babe :)
maybe you can try shoyu ramen at baihoken, at north canal road, or mentei ramen along robinsons road. Mentei has very nice onsen tamago

28 May 2010 at 14:35

The gyozas doesn't look appetizing to me.

28 May 2010 at 15:15

@Amelia I heard of baihoken!!! Have been plannning to go there one day! Thanks for the recommendations babe! :)

@DK Yeah maybe its my photography skills... BUT BUT BUT comparing Gyoza No Ohsho and Noodle House Ken, I prefer the gyozas from the former (though I was served those charred ones when I ate that day. BOO.)

28 May 2010 at 18:56

give me ajisen ramen anytime...

...but the photos do look very okay!

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