Beauty: ZA Dewy Effect Lotion

If you need a toner that improves your skin hydration and affordable at the same time, you may want to give ZA's Dewy Effect Lotion a try.

(This is a picture of my empty Dewy Effect Lotion bottle. Have finished using it!) :p

Other than because ZA can be found in my name "feliZA", the other reason I will recommend anyone to use this as it is really hydrating. Sometimes, certain spots on my face (where I apply acne spot treatment cream) will dry up due to the cream's drying effects, I will then soak a piece of cotton pad with Za's Dewy Effect Lotion and place it on the dry areas for about 30 minutes (or to sleep, sometimes). Afterwhich, the dry areas will be gone!

Hydration is essential to prevent your skin
from being dehydrated (which may cause acne!)

I will also recommend the Za's Dewy Effect Creamy Gel (moisturizer), especially if you have dry skin OR if you are experiencing a (temporary) acne situation. When I was having my acne situation back then, this was my HG as it really helped to sooth those acne that eventually disappeared. Though I am currently using a moisturizer that comes with SPF, most of the time, I do use the Creamy Gel especially when I notice early signs of acne! :)

Speaking of which, I purchased a bottle of the Creamy Gel last week. This is because my face has started to get quite congested again - more oil clogs than acne to be exact. (I know you may not be interested to hear this, but I think the following may come in handy for you or anyone one day)...

I was rather sad since my face has been cleared from such for the past 6 to 9 months. I did an evaluation on my recent skincare and makeup regime, and the only change was switching my Ettusais foundation that is suitable for dry skin to one that is suitable for oily skin (Still Ettusais, btw). This was because I thought that my face was getting more prone to oil compared to the past few months, hence I assumed that my skin type might have changed (since a person can go through different skin types in his or her lifetime). I guessed I was wrong, and my skin type still belongs to the dry category.

And for the record, when I was having that major acne problem back then, I was using the Oil Block version of the Zero Pore Oil Free foundation. I switched to Dry Block after an Ettusais SA suggested that to me as she said that dehydrated skin can cause acne too. I was glad I heeded her advice as my skin condition improved and I feel good whenever I cleanse my face as my skin surface felt rather smooth since it was free from any "acne/oil bumps". Now, I feel stupid for not keeping to that advice. Well, its time for me to switch back to the Dry Block version and stop using the current foundation pact that I have used up probably only about 5% of it!! What a costly lesson for me! :S

So now you know why I love love loveeeeeee skincare products that promotes skin hydration (cos its my life saviour! HAH!) Oh, you may probably want to check out my review on the Neutronega's Hydro Boost range which does just that too! Click HERE. :)

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