Shopping at Singapore Expo

The last time I went to Singapore Expo was for a work assignment at the Food and Hotel Asia (FHA) 2010 trade show. This time round, I made a visit to the Singapore Expo yesterday for several reasons.


I spotted the palm syrup at a booth during FHA2010 and I wanted to buy a bottle, as I would need not specially head down to the dim sum shop in Geylang just to drink a cup of tea (added with this syrup) whenever I have a craving for it! However, I was told that they were seeking for trade buyers and could not sell to consumers at the FHA2010. But a nice gentleman at the booth told me that I'll be able to buy it at the Singapore Food Expo 2010. And this was the main reason I made a trip down to Singapore Expo yesterday. And NOW, I can finally drink my own homemade tea with palm sugar whenever I want! Total YAYness!


When I entered into the expo hall of the food fair, I was greeted with a sea of people and wonderful food smell. My stomach groaned in agony and I knew I had to search for yummy bites at the many food stalls at the fair.

I then bought quite a few types of finger food and snacks. Imagine my delight when I saw the dragon beard candy! I liked eating this since young, though sometimes I choke on the peanut fillings! HEH! I bought the black pepper chicken puff from Baker's Oven- It was cheap at only a dollar each, fresh out of the oven and really delicious.!!! Now I am thinking of heading back to the Expo just to eat it again! :p

See below for what else I bought - 6 packets of pasta, 3 bottles of various pasta sauces, packed with a can of button mushroom, Glico Pretz (came in a nice paper bag, who does it at a food fair mann...*WOW*), Gardenia Banana Walnut Loaf, and bought 2 packets of Heavenly rice for Mum (I spotted a packet of it in our kitchen few days ago and thought that she will like this).


The next reason to head to the Expo was for the Licence2Play gaming event to watch the Heroes Of Newerth (HoN) competition. Anyone plays this game??? There were also the showcases of the Starcraft 2 and Counter-Strike Online!!!! Since home appliances and electronic gadgets were for sale at the show, I went to check out the PnS digicams as I want to get a new set already.

Three days ago, I sent in my current Casio digicam for servicing when it FAILED on me during my latest getaway (which then I had to rely on my phone camera and DSLR to take photos). I am planning of switching to another camera brand though I prefer the buttons on a Casio digicam... What's more, I always dread going to the service centre (Second time for me and for the SAME problem) as it seemed that they always try to put the blame of the faulty camera on me. (-_-)"

(3) John Little Mega Expo
I didn't know that there was a John Little sale till I spotted people carrying John Little plastic bags filled with their purchases. I feel that the bedding items were the best buys (I love shopping for bedding-related items, if you are unaware). When I saw the "buffet displays" of underwear, I bought a few pieces (and resisted many others), afterall I seem to have a habit/fetish of buying underwear even though I have many new and unworn ones. I spotted a pair of sandals, similar to the one that I bought a few months ago at Takashimaya dept store. And I decided to buy two pairs of it! I plan to throw my current pair away and keep a pair extra. This pair is really comfortable and looks pretty and "blingy", yet simple too.

New pairs are the ones at the sides

Huge crowd and traffic was bad. Parking was a problem and prepare to wait for at least 15 minutes before you can even get out of the carpark when you are done. Other than all these, enjoy the yummy food at the food fair, get fascinated with HoN at the gaming fair and grab whatever at the John Little event! :)

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