Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Singapore (USS)

After a fruitful afternoon at the Shiseido sale and a blogger's event last Saturday, I made my way to Resort World Sentosa in the evening, on an attempt to be frightened at the Halloween Horror Night 6 (HHN) event happening at the Universal Studios Singapore (USS) theme park.

 photo USS HHN6.jpg

Here's the HHN promo video on what horror awaits you~

The highly-raved annual HHN had the theme park transformed into a bloodcurdling location, engulfed by horror, screams and shrieks as thrill-seekers wander into the five haunted houses filled with vengeful and creepy figures - Bodies of Work, Salem Witch House, Hawker Centre Massacre, Hu Li's Inn and Old Changi Hospital.

Salem Witch House
 photo P1080289_.jpg

Hawker Centre Massacre
 photo P1080287_.jpg

Ulu Pandan Hawker Centre
 photo P1080288_.jpg

The Debaucherous and Ghostly Fun at Hu Li's Inn
 photo P1080270_.jpg

Old Changi Hospital
 photo P1080267_.jpg

Despite having the express pass, there was still a long queue in the Express ticket holder lane. But still, it was better than having the normal ticket which could have one queuing up to 90 minutes just to enter into any of the houses. Braving the heat and long queue, I waited for my turn with the other four in my group to enter all five haunted houses, to get freaked out and scream our lungs away.

 photo P1080262_.jpg

 photo P1080283_.jpg

 photo P1080321_.jpg

At certain timings, the March of the Dead - The Resurrection paraded on the streets, showcasing elaborated costumes, props and makeup held by the performers. It was quite similar to how the Day of the Dead (Dias de Muertos) is being celebrated, but only more solemn and not as festive as how it should actually be. This said festival is somewhat akin to how the Chinese sees QingMing Festival and the Seventh Month Hungry Ghost Festival as, but of happiness and celebration instead.

 photo P1080241_.jpg

 photo P1080249_.jpg

 photo P1080250_.jpg

 photo P1080256_.jpg

There are two Scare Zones - Suicide Forest and March of the Dead, where scary figures roamed around to give us the fright of our lives. But it turned out to be more of a photo opportunity location where we could take photos with or of them, haha. Photos taken below were at the March of the Dead area, where performers were decked out in calaveras makeup and Victorian costumes. I was excited to take photos of them as I have always been intrigued by the intricate design of calaveras.

 photo P1080290_.jpg

 photo P1080296_.jpg

 photo P1080298_.jpg

 photo P1080299_.jpg

The calaveras makeup clad talents were all very obliging to pose for my camera. I managed to take some photos which you can see below. The makeup and costumes were all spot-on, and the place's lighting and smoky effect brought out fantastic photographic results IMO.

 photo P1080302_1.jpg

 photo P1080308_1.jpg

 photo P1080309_1.jpg

 photo P1080310_1.jpg

 photo P1080312_1.jpg

When you feel that you may get a heart attack from all the scares and need to cool down, hop onto any of the available theme park attractions like the Transformers 3D battle ride, Revenge the Mummy and Battlestar Galactica - Human and Cylon roller coaster rides. Not sure if the roller coaster rides will not get your heart beating fast though... If so, better off being scared in the haunted houses, ha!

By the way, there is also the live "Jack's Recurring Nightmare Circus" performance happening daily at various timings, where audience was treated to singing, dancing, acrobatic and dangerous do-not-try-this-at-home dagger-throwing acts.

Other than the usual restaurants and food carts peppered around in USS to get your food and drinks from, check out the candy floss cart where the stick is illuminated! Also, the costly blood bag (fruit punch) and syringe drinks amidst the canned and bottled drinks.

 photo P1080261_.jpg

 photo P1080317_.jpg

So hurry, 'chop' your tickets and get butchered
into a whole load of thrills, shrieks, scares and laughs at
USS's Halloween Horror Nights.
Happening for the final few days till 31 October 2016.

Visit USS website for more tickets.
Book your tickets online HERE.

 photo P1080318_.jpg

* Special thanks to Universal Studios Singapore and Alvinology Media for the ticket and invitation.

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