Movie Preview Event of 'London Has Fallen'

London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down...
No, that's not right. It's...

Having lived in London for awhile, the vibrant city which always has activities going on, has a special place in my heart. Ever since then, each time that I meet someone from the UK in Singapore or watch any British TV shows/films, it always bring back memories of the awesome time that I spent there. Likewise, during a recent CNY social gathering, I met a local who lived and gotten his Degree and Master's in London. We started reminiscing the food, culture, weather and everything else of that metropolitan city had for us.

Hence, when I saw snippets of the 'London Has Fallen' movie few months back, showcasing most of the prominent landmarks in the British Capital, I knew I have to watch it! I wouldn't miss attending the movie preview, and to be able to watch it earlier than the official release date!

Other than that, I had to watch it as I have always been a fan of Gerald Butler. And no, it wasn't totally because of his buffed body in the movie '300'. But it was more of his role in the 'Law-Abiding Citizen' and 'P.S I Love You', and most importantly.... As my sexy Phantom in my all-time favorite 'Phantom Of The Opera' movie.

Gerald Butler displayed the usual cool and manly persona which was also evident in the roles that he played in 300 and Olympus Has Fallen. Butler continues playing the role in this film as the quick-thinking and gung-ho Mike, being the security guy for the U.S. President. London Has Fallen is a high-action, 'steroid-filled' movie film, which sees the British city ending up in a bloody carnage of brutal massacre. This was due to a Man's hungry vengeance against the world. Terrorism, they called it.

This movie is very relevant in our society of today as terrorism threats have become increasingly alarming. There's the ISIS, the Syrian war, the bombing attacks in Paris and Bangkok last year. Although we know that nations are joining forces to counter it, we are blatantly aware that terrorism exists... It can happen anywhere and anytime. If the movie could portray the city of London being attacked, it could have happened when I was there too... Who knows right???

Hence, we must never take peace and stability for granted. No matter how safe or how powerful and well-equipped your country's armed forces may be, we must always not take for granted what we have. Afterall, whatever that you take for granted, may be what someone else is praying for. Yes, and this means everything and anything.... Even job, family, friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc.

Overall, if you are fans of action flicks, or Gerald Butler for the matter, this ass-kicking show will keep you thrilled for most of the 100-minutes duration. If there is going to be another sequel to this show (previously was 'Olympus Has Fallen'), I am bound to want to watch it again. :)

London Has Fallen is now showing in most cinemas near you. For me, I have yet to watch Gods of Egypt, which also stars Gerald Butler. Both movies are currently screening at the same time. One can't get enough of Gerald Butler, eh? :p

Just wished that I was in London during the movie premiere.
That would have been so interesting.

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