From London to Singapore

Time flies! It has been awhile since this blog was being updated. Despite that, you would have seen snippets of my life, if you had followed me on my Instagram or Twitter accounts. I had placed a pause to blogging for one main reason - I relocated to London early part of this year.

I made a major decision not to bring my laptop along with me, as I reckoned that I should use whatever free time that I have there to explore London, the neighbouring countries and cities, instead of facing the laptop. You may disagree with me on my decision. But then again, it is my life, my decision. :)

Yes, I could have blogged using my tablet. In fact, I did that once while I was in London, but it proved to be too much of a hassle. I had a Bluetooth keyboard, but no mouse, so it was really tough for me to get used to haha! I could not "copy and paste" my picture links as easily as I can on a laptop. Also, editing and resizing photos was quite troublesome too.

I missed blogging. Sharing my life via my other social media accounts (FB, IG and Twitter) was not enough, but good enough for me to post updates while I was based in UK. If you were to ask me if I had regretted not bringing along my laptop, my reply is "No". I am glad that I used the time that I have them to the best that I could.

Now that I am back in Singapore, I will start to pen blog entries again. Even during the interim, the memories of my time spent overseas has proven to be very difficult to be forgotten or be oblivious to. Evidently, a part of my heart is left in UK. I love London. *happy sigh* As I go about restarting on my blogging journey, I seek your support and patience. I will definitely share my travel stories, and include some tips and recommendations.

Till then, have a happy weekend ahead! :)
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